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#ThreatThursday |  24th October 2019 | Cyber Security Updates

Lots to tell you about this Threat Thursday as those sneaky Cyber Criminals have been busy harvesting our data again!

The National Cyber Security Centre have begun investigating a mass and widespread phishing campaign which they suspect has been in operation since July 2018.

The campaign uses a typical phishing method in which a user will receive a phishing email from a known email account which has been compromised. The emails seem extremely plausible as they will have a mirrored subject line to make it seem like it is part of a previous email chain. The phishing email will have a highlighted link saying something such as view the entire message which takes the user to a spoofed website suggesting that the user has been logged out of their email system and needs to log back in… this is where the credentials are harvested.

Beware and ensure you hover over links before clicking! Read more here.

In other news Cisco have released a security update for their Aironet Access Points which addresses a total of 30 known flaws and vulnerabilities. One particular flaw CVE-2019-15260 could potentially be exploited to allow the attacker to create a denial of service attack (DoS), view sensitive information, or to interfere with configuration options. These could be accessed remotely by users requesting specific URLs from an affected Access Point.

The newly released security update fixes the following Cisco Aironet AP’s – 1540 Series, 1560 Series, 1800 Series, 2800 Series, 3800 Series, and the 4800 Series. You can find out more here.

Adobe have also been busy issuing patches for a total of 81 vulnerabilities across the following 4 products:

Adobe Acrobat & Reader

Adobe Experience manager

Adobe Experience Manager Forms

Adobe Download Manager

Acrobat and Reader had the highest number of flaws with 67 vulnerabilities being patched. The majority of the critical issues affected areas such as use after free, out-pf-bounds write, and overflow problems.

Lastly this week, Billtrust - the business to business payment provider – have been reported to have suffered a ransomware attack on October 17th which took all company systems down. Following timely and successful restoration of the main IT Services they have been busy implementing additional security measure to mitigate future attacks and are planning a future business continuity testing programme. Read more about that here.

Not really a business cyber issue, but worth a quick mention is the reports about the increase in Alexa and Google Home credential thefts. IoT Attacks are increasing at a staggering rate! Although not particularly sophisticated, these attacks, they’re certainly worrying! You can read more here

That wraps up Threat Thursday this week. As ever, make sure you keep your updates up-to-date, train your staff on the latest phishing techniques, and ensure your business continuity tools meet the needs of your business!


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