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Virtual IT Director - on board with your business needs

Wish you could magic up an IT Director as and when you please? Our virtual solution means you get top-level strategic advice whenever you want it, so that your IT is always aligned with your business needs.


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Virtual IT Director

A Virtual IT Director ticks all the boxes for businesses. Our senior technical engineers bring top-flight technical expertise combined with the skills to engage at all levels, from operational teams to senior management.

Your dedicated Virtual IT Director will handle:

  • Overall IT policy, direction and budgeting.
  • Audit performance of existing infrastructure.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Network development advice.
  • Regular audit reports and asset registry.
  • Management and quality assurance of third-party suppliers.
  • Attendance at management and board meetings.
  • Telephone availability for general technical discussion.
  • Advice on software and hardware purchases.
  • Change Management: when the business needs to change direction, fast, we’ll make sure your technology can take the pace.
  • Ongoing IT support.

Can’t wait to welcome your new IT lead? Speak to us about getting a Virtual IT Director today. 


Frequently Asked


What is a Virtual IT Director?


A Virtual IT Director is an IT team leader who comes into your business to help implement and support your IT strategy.



Why do I need a Virtual IT Director?


You might need a Virtual IT Director if you want to review your IT strategy to reduce technology spending, or if you need to scale up your IT systems due to business growth.


You will benefit from a Virtual IT Director if you’re a CEO, CFO or COO without an IT Director, and you want to develop an IT strategy.

What does a Virtual IT Director do?


A Virtual IT Director will deliver your IT strategy and provide on-going support for the strategy.


He or she will bridge the communications gap between IT and senior management by liaising with stakeholders at all levels.

What’s the benefit of having a Virtual IT Director?


Working with the business, including all the key stakeholders, a Virtual IT Director can help align your IT with your business goals. The service can reduce your IT costs, considerably.


You’ll not only reduce your IT spending but you won’t have the expense hiring a full-time IT lead.

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