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Secure Print

Every company has confidential information, from client information through to employee contracts. Protecting this data is now a high-priority for businesses in the UK with GDPR compliance on the agenda of boardrooms across the country.

Whilst Cyber Attacks grab all the headlines, there’s a real vulnerability sitting in your office if you don’t have a secure print solution in place. By partnering with Ysoft and Papercut Mirus Managed Print offers the leading tools in print management and security.

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Securing and managing your print requirements are the very core of Ysoft products. Serving in over 120 countries and staying at the forefront of the managed and secure print market, Ysoft have developed relationships across the industry and support most manufacturers.

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Offering a smarter way to print, Papercut are capable securing your print jobs and providing you with the intelligence you require to audit your print systems and remain compliant. Simple and easy to install, Papercut helps to track control, usage and individual print behaviour whilst keeping your print secure and your wastage minimal.

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