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Implement Secure Print from YSoft for reduced print costs

Stop printing in error and increase your security through the introduction of Secure Print


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Secure Print from ysoft

Adding secure print to your network print devices enables you to send documents directly to your office printer, however those documents will only be printed as and when you present a key fob or enter your personal PIN number (see Figure 1 – YSoft SafeQ Print Management Flow below). 

Why implement Secure Print?

We think there are many key reasons as to why you should consider adding secure print to your print set-up;

  • Significantly Reduced Costs – With a secure print solution the documents are only printed once you activate them at the printer, this reduces accidental prints, documents printed in error, or printed in the wrong format i.e. black and white when you intended colour or A4 when you intended A3.  
  • Increased Document Security – How many times have you printed a potentially sensitive or confidential document and been distracted by a telephone call or someone coming to your desk. By implementing Secure Print this won’t ever happen as you have to be present to print the document.
  • Clear Print Auditing – Secure Print removes the guess work from any auditing of your print usage. At present you might not know who/which department is costing the most based on their print requirements.  We can track and analyse each user, department and location to fully understand usage trends.
  • Pull-printing from any device - Print without print drivers from any device in the company’s environment.

Following an evaluation on the Secure Print solutions available in the marketplace we have chosen the YSoft SafeQ platform as our solution of choice.  We feel that this solution offers the best centralised print management suite at the best value for our client base.  As part of this selection we have invested heavily in the training and certifications for the Mirus Managed Print team.

Contact us for more information about our secure print solutions. 

Frequently Asked


How does Secure Print work?


Normally when you click print your document appears on the printer.  In a Secure Print environment you need to visit the printer and request the document to be printed.

Is it a legal requirement?


Its not a legal requirement but increasingly you should be concerned with data protection and confidentiality.



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