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Save with our low-cost telephony service

Fixed line Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is a great way to lower the cost of your calls.

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With our low-cost telephony service, everything’s done for you. There’s no need for additional hardware, and your telephone numbers are automatically transferred without any disruption to your service.

The local exchange is simply programmed to route your calls via one of our Tier 1 carriers. Et voila - you don’t have to dial access codes, re-programme your existing telephone system or install automatic dialling equipment.

Range of lines and services

Mirus can also provide a range of lines and services to suit your business needs. We can transfer your existing BT lines or install new lines using BT engineers.

You’ll get discounts on your line rental plus substantial savings to your call charges, not to mention first-class customer service.

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Frequently Asked


What is VoIP?


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It means you get your phone calls delivered via the internet, rather than through a phone company.

What are the advantages of using VoIP?


Considerably reduced costs for your calls, for starters. Because VoIP has fewer regulations – and less tax – it costs less than a traditional phone service. You usually just pay one low monthly bill for unlimited calls. With VoIP calls, you generally get extra features bundled in, such as call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail.

What if I have other questions?


Question not answered here? Contact us for more answers and to find out about the IT solutions we offer. 

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