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Always on with your internet connectivity

The internet is a business critical service, so it’s absolutely essential that you get your internet connectivity on-point.

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We have connectivity covered with a wide range of solutions – plus advice to make sure you get the right one for your business.

Whether you want a simple ADSL connection or private MPLS to take care of a multi-site set-up, our telecoms specialists will find the solution for you.


ADSL services provide a simple, affordable solution to a business’s connectivity requirements, offering speeds of up to 20MB.

For smaller businesses, this may provide all the connectivity you need, but it’s also the solution for larger clients wanting to connect home workers, or for dedicated VoIP traffic.


Ethernet First Mile technology is one of the latest solutions, offering high upload and download capacities delivered in a cost-effective manner. EFM-enabled exchanges provided a real alternative to expensive, leased line solutions.


This is a slightly different solution. Services are provided via rooftop antenna, rather than underground. This can be very quick to install, in as little as ten working days, and offer speeds from 10MB upwards.

Leased line

Need a managed, dedicated high bandwidth solution that offers industry-leading service guarantees? If you’re looking to move services to the cloud or need to transfer large files, then a leased line solution could be the answer you need.

MPLS (multi-protocol labelled switching)

This solution is perfect for businesses that need a leased line or ADSL solutions for multiple sites. MPLS creates a secure, private network that’s dedicated to your needs – you have complete control over data traffic being able to use services such as SIP lines.

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Frequently Asked


How do leased lines work?


A leased line is a fixed, high-performance telecommunications network connection for voice, data and internet traffic. Data is carried over a national fibre network.


Why should I get a leased line?


If you need high speed, reliable Internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a leased line is the perfect option. Maximum speed is always available, delivered via a dedicated bandwidth to ensure you get the connectivity you need.

Do I need extra equipment for a leased line?


Our fully accredited technical engineers will carry out a site survey for you. Once we’ve installed the system, your leased lines will be fully managed.

Are leased lines covered by a Service Level Agreement?


Yes, they are. We provide direct support, 24/7, under a Service Level Agreement, which guarantees 100% uptime.

Can I save money using a leased line?


Yes. Typically, you’ll save on hardware plus we also offer reduced costs on line rental as well as savings to your call charges.

Is a leased line secure?


Yes. Because a leased line operates as a point-to point-service, the line is inherently secure. But if you’re also using an internet connection we’ll apply extra security, such as firewalls, to make certain all your calls are secure.


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