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Implement Secure Print from Papercut for reduced print costs

Stop printing in error and increase your security through the introduction of Secure Print


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Secure Print from papercut

In a standard printing environment, a user's jobs are sent directly to the printer for immediate printing. This results in wasted paper and toner when printing is forgotten and not collected. It also presents a security risk if those forgotten jobs were sensitive or confidential. PaperCut print release provides a simple solution that places jobs in a holding state until the user authenticates and releases the job at the printer. Users may select individual jobs to release or have jobs automatically print after successful authentication.

PaperCut print release offers:

  • Secure printing - sensitive jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer. Jobs only print when released by the user.
  • Find-Me Printing - provides a roaming print solution where users print to a single queue and jobs will be "pulled" to any printer where they authenticate. Also known as "Pull Printing".
  • Reduced wastage - no more uncollected jobs. No wasted paper or toner.
PaperCut print release is a cost-effective and universal solution available for any printing device and is offered through embedded copier software, card readers or print release stations.


Frequently Asked


How does Secure Print work?


Normally when you click print your document appears on the printer.  In a Secure Print environment you need to visit the printer and request the document to be printed.

Is it a legal requirement?


It's not a legal requirement but increasingly you should be concerned with data protection and confidentiality.


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