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Mirus IT Cloud Solutions

You've got to get your head into the cloud 

Cloud or not? For us, it’s almost as profound a question as Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be?” We offer a range of IT Cloud Solutions for Businesses

Solutions for cloud or not:  


When businesses ask our advice about whether it’s time to implement cloud technology, our response is yes (in most cases!) - for all of the following reasons:

  • Keep up with the competition: In today’s business world, standing still is not a favourable option.
  • Flexibility: Scale up, or down, easily and quickly.
  • Collaboration: Access, edit and share documents with real-time visibility of everyone’s contributions.
  • Remote working: Work any time, from anywhere, and from any device. As long as there’s an internet connection, home or field-based staff are good to go.
  • Reduce capital expenditure: Slash the amount you invest in hardware.

Whether you want to suck it and see with a hybrid solution, or you’re ready to take the plunge and migrate all your systems to the cloud, our IT experts can help you understand whats going to work for your business, not just what works for us!


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Whatever your IT requirements, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We’re happy to hear about your problems and help offer the solutions. Our award-winning team uses enthusiasm, technical excellence and the highest level of service to meet and exceed your strategic business objectives. Without the jargon! So, please do put us to the test …


IT Strategy


Achieve your goals with a robust IT strategy. It’s no secret that behind every successful business is a strategy outlining how to cope with the challenges of today, and how to thrive in future. What’s less well known is that your IT strategy is equally critical in reaching those goals. Our Virtual IT Directors work with businesses on high-level IT issues such as implementing your technology plan and auditing your current IT infrastructure.


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Flexible Working


Mobile solutions so your business is always on. Location really doesn’t matter, and working 9-to-5 barely exists anymore. Businesses are expected to meet the demands of the “always on” consumer or risk being left behind. That’s where our IT support comes in – providing mobile solutions for businesses so that remote workers can be responsive to what’s happening, as it’s happening.


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Modernising Business


Give your IT infrastructure a modern makeover. It’s essential to keep reviewing your business processes if you’re going to keep up with the competition. A major part of this is your IT, as it can often provide ways to streamline the business - raising productivity levels, reducing operating costs and increasing your profits. We’ll give your IT infrastructure a modern makeover, transforming your business into an agile, forward-facing firm that’s well equipped for the challenges of the future.


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and not enough on innovation" 

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Cyber Security


Protecting your business from a cyber-attack. The days when cyber security issues weren’t a threat to businesses are long in the past. That’s why we take the security of your systems seriously. We specialise in providing comprehensive cyber security services to deal with some of the biggest IT security threats to your business.


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Rapid Growth


Using IT to meet the challenges of rapid business growth. You’ve wowed a big client and won that new deal. Contracts are signed and sealed, and you’re raring to move forward. If you’re ready to take business to the next level but your technology simply isn’t up to the task, our IT support team is here to help.


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