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Cybersecurity breaches are expensive and becoming more and more commonplace. Even with industry-leading cybersecurity measures in place, modern malware tactics are increasingly becoming too sophisticated and are often undetected.


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With the right Security Awareness Strategy, your employees and users can protect you, your clients and your suppliers by becoming Cyber Security Heroes!

Your employees are your first line of defence, their emails and online activity can guarantee your cyber security or simply destroy it, leaving you, and your clients at the mercy of cyber criminals.

To strengthen your defences from a malware or phishing attack, your end users, your employees and your teams can undertake proven and comprehensive Security Awareness Training. Educate your first line defence to be cyber savvy and malware aware and safeguard you and your clients!

By employing regular Security Awareness Training Programmes, SME’s significantly reduce the risks of a breach and reduce costs associated with remediation. Your clients, customers and suppliers will be reassured by your commitment to their cyber security and your security due diligence.

Our bespoke phishing and security awareness training includes: 

  • Initial consultancy.
  • The creation of a bespoke fully featured phishing simulator.
  • Creation of tailored and specific training packages for your employees.
  • Provision of clear reports and status updates of training activity and results.
  • Creation of a comprehensive, ever evolving course library.
  • Deliver and devise scheduled and assigned training courses.
  • Reactive training provided as new threats evolve.

Develop your very own Cyber Heroes with our bespoke training.

Your first line of defense against Cyber Crime!

Frequently Asked


What is Phishing?


Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Our simulation can mimic a wide variety of regular emails that your users might expect to receive, such as LinkedIn connection invitations or from online stores such as Amazon.

Why would my company need Phishing and Awareness training?


It's best practice to be prepared for any eventuality, training your staff to recognise and react to sophisticated phishing and malware techniques protects your business, and your data.

You can invest in a wide variety of tools to prevent and reduce the risks of attacks or data breaches within your business, but without your users also understanding a recognising the risks you are still exposed.

How do the Security Awareness Training Simulations work?


We design bespoke phishing simulations for your organisation, which we can apply by site, location, user group or individual. Creating 'bait' emails and lure pages we test your current threat from employees and provide detailed reports on activity by user.

Our plan would be to run a phishing simulation, understand how your users react and based on this create a training plan to educate. 

We would then retest your users and see what difference the training has made.

How do you help train our employees to be more aware?


We devise and schedule engaging, interactive up to date courses to your users, measuring success generically and at an individual level to ensure we provide the relevant training, at the right level to your users and employees.

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Phishing and Security Awareness Services?

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