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M Team

Even though there are more than 100 of us, we’re a close-knit bunch here at Mirus. And we have selected a team who’ll fit in with our values and culture – such as our focus on delivering outstanding services, obsessive need for complete customer satisfaction, and our drive to provide solutions no matter what size your business is.


Adam Risby

Service Delivery Manager

What I do:

I currently support the client relationship of all customers with an on-site presence, ensuring that we are delivering the highest level of support. I am also the direct line manager of all on-site engineers and am responsible for priorities, escalations, reporting, holiday/cover requests and sickness.

My average day:

The day-to-day involves progressing all actions from different customers from a service delivery point of view and managing the engineers. The role also includes managing all escalations from the on-site customers, ensuring that their expectations are set and delivered through communication and resolution of issues.

What I like about working at Mirus:

I enjoy the fast-paced environment and exposure you get working with many customers with different infrastructures and needs, plus dealing with escalations and getting the satisfaction from resolving major issues. I also find managing engineers who have the right attitude to succeed and who care about the customer sites they work at makes the job more enjoyable.

The office is a great environment to work in and the facilities are second to none. The events that are held monthly are a bonus (I particularly enjoyed making my own pizza and cooking on the decking outside). On a personal level, I was promoted within a year so I feel that you are rewarded here if you have the right attitude and meet your objectives on a consistent basis.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

I think cyber security and potential attacks are currently high on the list of priorities for companies. Therefore, educating users internally of how to look out for potential threats and ensuring you have a resilient backup solution is vitally important. The Datto solution we use and are partnered with is a great cloud-based tool to ensure you are protected and can restore data quickly. The events we hold here at the office for customers are also beneficial as they highlight the importance of security and what products are available to tackle this.


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Aishling Savchuk

Management Accountant

What I do:

My role involves making sure all our customer billing is sent out accurately and on time. Other responsibilities include payroll processing and various reporting for colleagues and management. 

My average day:

I usually start my day with a quick sort through emails that may be from customers, partners or colleagues. These often include service changes that require billing, detailed customer reporting that needs to be completed before meetings, or requests for financial or billing information.

Standard tasks include things such as resolving customer queries, raising and amending billing, as well as helping colleagues. The Mirus finance team is committed to preserving tight processes and accuracy throughout. This can often mean tasks take longer than usual but is essential to ensuring the highest standards for our clients.

Mirus is busy from start to finish! Each day presents new challenges and requests that involve investigation and working closely with colleagues to get the task done. Every day is enjoyable and colleagues working alongside each other so well is what makes Mirus truly special – this is the M Team!

What do you like about working at Mirus:

I love the work-hard, play-hard culture at Mirus! Everyone works hard to ensure we offer our customers the best service possible across all departments. The M team spirit doesn’t stop there as we also enjoy hanging out together in our break-out area, playing pool, having a quick game of darts or even working out in the gym with one another.

It is this part of Mirus that bonds all colleagues together and enables us to do the best job possible! There is never a boring day at Mirus. When you wake up each morning looking forward to coming into work you know you are in the right place!

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

A client with the opportunity to work alongside Mirus should not think twice about this decision. Any company can offer IT services. However, to get all this as well as a team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals that genuinely care about each other, the jobs they perform and most of all the clients and client businesses they work for, can only equal a recipe for success for all!


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James Hardy

Project Engineer

What I do:

My role is to help bring the client from old technology to shiny new IT systems. Working with both the service and sales departments, I plan with the client how and when we install new equipment / upgrade their existing infrastructure.

I also move the client to the updated system while keeping everyone up to date along the way. Once complete, I then train the service desk on how to support the new system and show the client any new features that can help them and their business.

My average day:

Depending on what I am installing, my day-to-day can vary a lot. For example, I could be communicating with a customer or preparing for an upcoming project.

Or migrating a customer’s servers and emails to the cloud from our office in Milton Keynes or on-site at a client’s installing new hardware and doing a survey to increase knowledge of their systems and business.

What I like about working at Mirus:

When joining Mirus in 2014, the first thing I noticed was the structure of the organisation. Everything has a process and is monitored, from sales taking on a new customer, to projects upgrading a client’s server and the service desk making a new user account.

The structure of the business is built around providing the client the best product possible and is constantly being reviewed and evolving. The management are passionate about this process and it shows with every system we support.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Budget for your IT! Mirus want your business to succeed and at the centre of your business is your IT. Mirus can look at your business and, with your help, create a roadmap for your IT system. You can then use the road map to set budgets, keep your IT up to date and stop unexpected bills.

The problem with running older systems is you must put more time into fixing and maintaining them, putting your security at risk, and risking your hardware going out of warranty and it is more painful and expensive to move to newer systems.

Talk to your account manager to make a road map and you will save heaps of money and stress in the long run.


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Adam Hatton

Business Development Manager

What I do:

I look after new business for Mirus, finding, qualifying and building relationships with potential clients to make sure we deliver the “Mirus Way”, elevating businesses from the boring mundane duties of IT. I work with all aspects of Mirus to deliver our trusted process to bring a client on board seamlessly and to act as an extension to any business no matter the size or complexity.

 My average day:

When I walk into the office, I have already mentally prepared for what the day may present. I usually begin with a cup of tea (just a dash of milk) and then get ready for my first meeting. This consists of looking at the background of the company and relating their industry to other potential issues I have seen before. I then attend my meetings for the day and return to the office to follow up on the day’s activities, as well as talk to my current prospects to see what else they would need from Mirus.

 What I like about working at Mirus:

Mirus as a company really sees the value in keeping staff morale high. Like a lot of industries, finding amazing staff is difficult but holding on to them is even harder. This is why from the top we are encouraged to work together whether that is on the day-to-day grind or trying to conquer the three peaks challenge. The environment allows us to do this and I would encourage any prospective or existing client to visit our office as it is something that I believe sets us out from our competitors.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Look at your business continuity plan. Your business runs using IT every day. How much would it cost you in staff wages, lost productivity and sales if your business-critical server were to go offline? It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Talk to your IT provider and then consult with Mirus to see what we would do differently which could end up saving your business.


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Josh Carne

Yellow Team Network Support Engineer

What I do:

My job is to resolve tickets as quickly as possible and ensure that they are done thoroughly so that they don’t come back again! I also assist the apprentices in the Blue and Yellow teams. 

My average day:

Day-to-day, we usually see most of our calls coming in the morning so we are very busy on the desk. Once the calls have died down, we start crunching through the tickets and calling back all the customers who weren’t a first-time fix. Lunch time for myself is usually either a game of pool or being in the gym. As we get towards the end of the day, we can work on the tickets that require more attention to detail - usually the longer ones.

What do you like about working at Mirus:

I love the people who work here. They all help make it a great place to work. People are very positive and this reflects on the customers. There are lots of company perks that just make the day better. The pool table and the office gym are fantastic.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Make sure that customers use secure passwords which have capital letters, numbers and symbols. Also, if there is an obscure issue which is only affecting one person, the best thing to do is give the machine a reboot.


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Katie Barrington

Senior Client Manager

What I do:

I am a Client Manager at Mirus which means I’m responsible for the day-to-day relationship between Mirus and its clients. I currently manage about 30 businesses that partner with us for their IT operational support, coming from a wide range of vertical markets.

My average day:

Busy! As you can probably imagine, in the client management role we always have lots going on which is great as most days are different with lots of different challenges to overcome.

We are very much the middle person between Mirus and the client, representing the client’s needs back to the rest of the business but also making sure key messages we need communicating to clients get through.

I spend a lot of time out with clients, meeting to review the service we are providing and understanding their business to ensure the services we are providing are fit for purpose both now and in the future as their business changes.

What I like about working at Mirus:
Mirus is an energetic and fast-paced environment to work in, which I like a lot and keeps me motivated. I also get to meet many interesting people and learn about their businesses and charitable organisations, which is one of my favourite things about the job and the IT industry.

A big part of Mirus life is the social events organised throughout the year, with the coast to coast and London to Paris cycle challenges being some of my favourites. Having the opportunity to try new things alongside my fellow colleagues, and in many cases raise money for charity, has been brilliant and given me so many memories that I’ll never forget.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

I would recommend that they embrace the relationship with their IT partner rather than keeping them at a distance. Where I feel we are able to work best with our clients is when it’s a true partnership and both are working to the same goals. If we know where the business is planning to go and develop we can work together to ensure that IT can be an enabler of those plans rather than a blocker! These are the types of clients that I really enjoy working with.


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Lee Osborn

HR and Recruitment Manager

What I do:

My role at Mirus is to manage the full lifecycle of recruitment and all HR processes. This includes assisting in the writing of job descriptions, arranging all interviews, new colleague offers and all new colleague inductions.

I also attend regular HR, employee engagement and satisfaction seminars / conferences to ensure that Mirus IT is doing all that we can for our colleagues. This includes recommending new processes, products or ideas for us to implement.

My average day:

I do not really have an average day, as each day can be very different. If we have a large recruitment drive this would include updating all job descriptions on all platforms, updating the careers site, contacting potential new colleagues, arranging interviews and sending out offers.

Whilst doing recruitment I will be trying to keep all induction processes up to date, ensuring that our benefit schemes are working for everybody and advising or updating on new cool things that we can do as a business to add to our employee engagement.

What I like about working at Mirus:

Mirus IT is a fun place to work where everybody comes to work with a smile. We work very hard as a team and, because of this, the Senior Management Team ensure that we get rewarded with regular monthly eating occasions, social events, the chance to represent the company in some form of event activity (obstacle run, cycle rides, sports days) as well as unexpected competitions for a Segway or dance offs.

There are many opportunities for colleagues to progress their career with Mirus IT as it is a passion of the company to ensure that we can recruit for any position from within the business.

One piece of advice you would give to a client:

Mirus IT cares for customers’ IT systems as if our own employees were using them. This means that we understand the importance of having the correct tools to be able to work hard and create a fun place to work.


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Michael Williams

Service Desk Engineer

What I do:

I am a second-line engineer for the Blue team.  My role is to support all the Blue team customers on their day-to-day issues.

My average day:

I would expect to complete about 10-15 tickets covering various customer issues.  Some days can be less and others more due to the severity of the tickets. I am also here to support my team and the apprentices. 

What I like about working at Mirus:

There is always some fun going on in the office and activities you can join.  Also, there are a lot of incentives to do a good job so you feel appreciated when you work hard.  Everyone here is friendly and nice. 

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

To make sure you have an adequate antivirus and anti-spam protection.

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Meet the M Team!

We’re very invested in our people – hence the Investors in People award – playing to their strengths and providing the very best training to deal with any weaker areas. Long serving colleagues can really become part of the family with our employee share ownership scheme.

Most of us are technically based, either working on the internal Service Desk or based in the field, assisting clients on-site.

When we’re not working, we often hang out to together. We’re a bit in-bred like that. We’ve been known to hold events and take part in charity fun days. The toughest among us took the Three Peaks Challenge, and some even completed a London to Paris in 24 hours bike ride.

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M Management 

From plastering high-rise buildings, to bricklaying, dealing with multi-million pound properties and guitar playing down under, the Mirus management team have a colourful past.

Fortunately, they have also developed a very high level of IT and management skills as well as a significant amount of relevant experience to ensure you gain the best possible service.

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Mirus Culture

As a services business, we don’t have a product to sell. The key to our success is the service that is delivered and therefore the people that deliver it. We are proud to be an ‘Investors in People’ company.

We know there’s more to life than work – that’s why when you join Mirus IT you’ll get your pick of our amazing company perks. That includes phone insurance, tastecards, and great price cinema tickets, plus loads more. Find out more about all our employee rewards here: Perkbox


  • An industry matching salary
  • Contributory pension scheme
  • A tailored professional and personal development plan
  • Receive up to 10 days training per annum, relevant to your position
  • Employee share ownership scheme – This rewards long standing employees with a long term incentive, this adds to the excellent customer service for our customers.
  • Sometimes, we can face issues that not only affect our quality of life, but the quality of our work too. Support is just a phone call away with this valuable employee service that Mirus IT offer called EASE from Westfield Health.
  • Cycle2Work Scheme
  • Childcare voucher scheme
  • Computer and telephony salary sacrifices
  • Take part in our regular events and activities outside of work. 

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