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M Team

Even though there are more than 100 of us, we’re a close-knit bunch here at Mirus. And we have selected a team who’ll fit in with our values and culture – such as our focus on delivering outstanding services, obsessive need for complete customer satisfaction, and our drive to provide solutions no matter what size your business is.


Aishling Savchuk

Management Accountant

What I do:

My role involves making sure all our customer billing is sent out accurately and on time. Other responsibilities include payroll processing and various reporting for colleagues and management. 

My average day:

I usually start my day with a quick sort through emails that may be from customers, partners or colleagues. These often include service changes that require billing, detailed customer reporting that needs to be completed before meetings, or requests for financial or billing information.

Standard tasks include things such as resolving customer queries, raising and amending billing, as well as helping colleagues. The Mirus finance team is committed to preserving tight processes and accuracy throughout. This can often mean tasks take longer than usual but is essential to ensuring the highest standards for our clients.

Mirus is busy from start to finish! Each day presents new challenges and requests that involve investigation and working closely with colleagues to get the task done. Every day is enjoyable and colleagues working alongside each other so well is what makes Mirus truly special – this is the M Team!

What do you like about working at Mirus:

I love the work-hard, play-hard culture at Mirus! Everyone works hard to ensure we offer our customers the best service possible across all departments. The M team spirit doesn’t stop there as we also enjoy hanging out together in our break-out area, playing pool, having a quick game of darts or even working out in the gym with one another.

It is this part of Mirus that bonds all colleagues together and enables us to do the best job possible! There is never a boring day at Mirus. When you wake up each morning looking forward to coming into work you know you are in the right place!

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

A client with the opportunity to work alongside Mirus should not think twice about this decision. Any company can offer IT services. However, to get all this as well as a team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals that genuinely care about each other, the jobs they perform and most of all the clients and client businesses they work for, can only equal a recipe for success for all!


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David Hurren

David Hurren

Service Desk Engineer

What I do:

I am a second-line engineer for the Green/Yellow team.  My role is to support all the Green/Yellow team customers on their day-to-day issues.

My average day:

I always start my day with a good cup of tea. Once settled, I check up on my fellow Engineer who covers the Out of Hours shift to pick up on the work in progress or hand over tickets for our team. During the day we would aim to complete 10+ tickets covering all various customer issues ranging from new users to issues with computer systems and more. I would also pick up on the work from our Senior Engineer and learn from them as IT is always changing and we need to adapt to new technologies.

What I like about working at Mirus:

The people who work here are friendly and really supportive. We all strive to learn all the new technologies that are available or coming in the future and pass the knowledge along to our peers. There are always events and activities going on that we can all join in on, which makes working at Mirus a brilliant place to be!

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

If you receive an email from your Director/Finance Controller asking to send money to a bank account, it’s always a safe idea to directly dial the colleague on your confirmed contact details to confirm its legitimacy. We know from experience that there's a high chance the email didn't come directly from them.
I would also advise that businesses ensure they have adequate anti-spam protection in place to reduce the fraud attempts. This protection should send alerts when an email is from an external source and not from within the business.


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Becky Hawkes

Becky Hawkes

Procurement Manager

What I do:

I'm responsible for the company’s quoting and purchasing process and management of the Procurement Team.

My average day:

Every day is different at Mirus, but a typical day would consist of a cup of tea, scheduling the quotes and orders in the Procurement queue to the team, answering queries be it from a Customer or an Internal member of staff and ensuring we are finding the best deals for our Clients.

What I like about working at Mirus:

Great work hard, play hard ethic. All departments have friendly, approachable teams who are willing to work together to ensure we provide an excellent service to our Clients.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Although our Clients have dedicated Client Managers within Mirus, they shouldn’t be afraid to give Procurement a call directly with purchasing requirements – we are a helpful bunch and will most definitely try our best to accommodate any purchasing needs!

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Pippa Loveridge

Pippa Loveridge

Head of Marketing

What I do:

I look after the marketing and promotional activities for Mirus. Along with the Marketing Team I devise, manage, create and analyse our company marketing strategy. We curate content, run the social media accounts, and look after branding, events,  PR and so much more - all in order to delight our current clients and attract new ones.

 My average day:

It's straight to emails, social monitoring and a catch up with the team. Then, to be honest each day is different: I can be building out the quarterly strategy; interviewing collegues or clients for content; arranging filming with an agency for a case study or corporate video; desiging eBooks, blogs and other content; and ensuring we have all the tie-in promotional pieces needed to deliver the strategy.

One minute it's taking pictures of our epic monthly Pic n' Mix (before the team devours it all!), next it's attending an industry event. Monday, I could be arranging campaigns with strategic partners, updating the website, and building videos, then Tuesday I'm attending development meetings with the Marketing guys and popping off to an educational event in London.

What I like about working at Mirus:

It's great fun every day! The office is epic! It's large and inviting, we're one big team and you generally get to see everyone (except for the on-site teams) every day, so we all work well together.

There's never a dull day at Mirus, always something going on. I'm in the netball team, love a game of pool at lunchtime or a walk around the lake and I have great tech to support my role.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Think of your IT partner as an extension to your team: ensure you visit their offices, meet who you'll be working with and those you won't be, and find out more about their culture. The best relationships are built on trust and a good undertanding of expectations.

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Sarah Mott

Sarah Mott

Mirus Telephony Accountant

What I do:

I look after the Mirus IT Group Telephony’s Accounts. My responsibilities include Customer invoicing, presenting Management Accounts, paying supplier invoices and processing invoices along with any accounts queries. I also look after all our Customer Contracts for Mirus IT, I make sure that any new customers get all the correct documentation upon coming on board with us. I also send every new customer a box of delicious Brownies when they come on board!

My average day:

In my average day I firstly check my emails, this could include a range of queries that could include amending invoices, creating new invoices, providing financial information or reports for meetings. I then print any supplier invoices that have been sent over to us. I will check our accounting system to see if there are any customer invoices that have been raised that need sending. I will deal with any customer queries and generally make sure everything is running smoothly so that the management accounts are produced correctly every month.

I also manage all the Customer Contracts for Mirus IT so I will then go to our ticketing system to check my ticket queue to see if there are any new contracts that need raising to new customers. No day is the same at Mirus there are always new challenges to face and new queries to investigate which is what makes working at Mirus so varied and enjoyable.

What I like about working at Mirus:

I enjoy the fast-paced environment and exposure you get working with many customers with different infrastructures and needs, plus dealing with escalations and getting the satisfaction from resolving major issues. I also find managing engineers who have the right attitude to succeed and who care about the customer sites they work at makes the job more enjoyable.

The office is a great environment to work in and the facilities are second to none. The events that are held monthly are a bonus (I particularly enjoyed making my own pizza and cooking on the decking outside). On a personal level, I was promoted within a year so I feel that you are rewarded here if you have the right attitude and meet your objectives on a consistent basis.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Choose Mirus as your IT provider! Not only are you getting an excellent service, but you’re getting to interact with an expert team of people that are dedicated to making sure your experience with Mirus is the best for your business, alongside our excellent customer service, we’ll deal with all the IT/Telephony and Managed Print requirements that you need.


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Chris Russell Mirus IT Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

Chris Russell

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

What I do:

My role is to support our Account Managers and Business Development team to ensure our new and existing clients IT needs are met with the most effective solutions.

My average day:

I spend a lot of time on-site on Health Checks and Assessments for clients who require additional services and for new clients, who request a free IT infrastructure check. Following these assessment visits, I create deliverable and responsive strategies and roadmaps to scope out the specific IT requirement that each client needs, which isn’t always what they think they need! It’s my role to identify any weaknesses and ensure infrastructure projects for clients are tactically and honestly planned and costed.

What do you like about working at Mirus:

Every day is different, my team are instrumental in driving the business and we’re responsible for ensuring Mirus IT meets and exceeds our client’s IT and budgetary goals.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

Each Mirus client has a bespoke IT infrastructure designed to meet their exact needs, it’s very rare for a company to get the most effective solution from an off-the-shelf IT package. As a business you need to have faith in your outsourced IT Provider to deliver the service and products to best match your needs. Trust is incredibly important for clients and our team alike.

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Katie Barrington

Senior Client Manager

What I do:

I am a Client Manager at Mirus which means I’m responsible for the day-to-day relationship between Mirus and its clients. I currently manage about 30 businesses that partner with us for their IT operational support, coming from a wide range of vertical markets.

My average day:

Busy! As you can probably imagine, in the client management role we always have lots going on which is great as most days are different with lots of different challenges to overcome.

We are very much the middle person between Mirus and the client, representing the client’s needs back to the rest of the business but also making sure key messages we need communicating to clients get through.

I spend a lot of time out with clients, meeting to review the service we are providing and understanding their business to ensure the services we are providing are fit for purpose both now and in the future as their business changes.

What I like about working at Mirus:
Mirus is an energetic and fast-paced environment to work in, which I like a lot and keeps me motivated. I also get to meet many interesting people and learn about their businesses and charitable organisations, which is one of my favourite things about the job and the IT industry.

A big part of Mirus life is the social events organised throughout the year, with the coast to coast and London to Paris cycle challenges being some of my favourites. Having the opportunity to try new things alongside my fellow colleagues, and in many cases raise money for charity, has been brilliant and given me so many memories that I’ll never forget.

One piece of advice you’d give to a client:

I would recommend that they embrace the relationship with their IT partner rather than keeping them at a distance. Where I feel we are able to work best with our clients is when it’s a true partnership and both are working to the same goals. If we know where the business is planning to go and develop we can work together to ensure that IT can be an enabler of those plans rather than a blocker! These are the types of clients that I really enjoy working with.


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Lee Osborn

HR and Recruitment Manager

What I do:

My role at Mirus is to manage the full lifecycle of recruitment and all HR processes. This includes assisting in the writing of job descriptions, arranging all interviews, new colleague offers and all new colleague inductions.

I also attend regular HR, employee engagement and satisfaction seminars / conferences to ensure that Mirus IT is doing all that we can for our colleagues. This includes recommending new processes, products or ideas for us to implement.

My average day:

I do not really have an average day, as each day can be very different. If we have a large recruitment drive this would include updating all job descriptions on all platforms, updating the careers site, contacting potential new colleagues, arranging interviews and sending out offers.

Whilst doing recruitment I will be trying to keep all induction processes up to date, ensuring that our benefit schemes are working for everybody and advising or updating on new cool things that we can do as a business to add to our employee engagement.

What I like about working at Mirus:

Mirus IT is a fun place to work where everybody comes to work with a smile. We work very hard as a team and, because of this, the Senior Management Team ensure that we get rewarded with regular monthly eating occasions, social events, the chance to represent the company in some form of event activity (obstacle run, cycle rides, sports days) as well as unexpected competitions for a Segway or dance offs.

There are many opportunities for colleagues to progress their career with Mirus IT as it is a passion of the company to ensure that we can recruit for any position from within the business.

One piece of advice you would give to a client:

Mirus IT cares for customers’ IT systems as if our own employees were using them. This means that we understand the importance of having the correct tools to be able to work hard and create a fun place to work.


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Meet the M Team!

We’re very invested in our people,  proven most recently by winning the CRN Sales and Marketing Award 2018 for Best Company to Work for - Sub £50m turnover (Reseller). We play to their strengths and provide the very best training to deal with any weaker areas. Long-serving colleagues can really become part of the family with our employee share ownership scheme.

Most of us are technically based, either working on the internal Service Desk or based in the field, assisting clients on-site.

We're a close-knit team. When we’re not working, we often hang out together with team nights, events, and by taking part in charity fun days and activities. The toughest among us undertake events like the Three Peaks Challenge, and 24 hour bike rides from London to Paris, parachute jumping and abseiling.

Get to know some of our team by clicking on their photos...


From traveling through Australia, to bricklaying, dealing with multi-million pound properties and guitar playing down under, the Mirus management team have a colourful past.

Fortunately, they have also developed a very high level of IT and management skills as well as a significant amount of relevant experience to ensure you gain the best possible service.

Learn more about the leadership team >>

The MTeam Roundup

November 2020 News Roundup

November would be usually busy for all the MTeam getting ready for the festive season. And although we’re not in the office, the MTeam are still getting ready for Christmas and achieving great successes in the lead up.

Welcome to the “MTeam Monthly roundup”. Each month, we share: 

  • Team successes;
  • Award and certificate recognition;
  • The coveted “Colleague of the Month” reveal;
  • Behind-the-scenes MTeam activities.

November 2020 MTeam News

#MTeam Recognition

Despite another lockdown looming, the MTeam continues going from strength to strength - here’s our superstar for November:

  • Congratulations to Simon Mason for winning Colleague of the Month! 

These are all great achievements by our Mirus IT colleagues, well done.

#MTeam New Starters

We’re always looking for top talent to join our team, and we’d like to say a big HELLO to our newest MTeam member, who joined us in November. 

  • Sam Sivaprakasam, Reporting Analyst - Service Operations
  • Jai Maugi, Project Manager - Professional Services

#MTeam Celebrations

And it doesn’t stop there, we’ve had a selection of very exciting company celebrations this month too.


  • Thank you to the SMT for sending each of the MTeam a plant to keep alive!
  • A lot of the MTeam have been putting up their Christmas trees, too! Head over to our monthly blog to see all their wonderful trees and decorations.

To know more about what we get up to here at Mirus IT, subscribe to our Mirus blog.




And the Colleague of The Month for November was...

…Simon Mason, our Service Desk Team Leader!

Here’s some of the great feedback received:

  • “Top Bloke!!”
  • “Always willing to help, always has a smile on his face”
  • “All round good gut who always wants to do the right thing for Mirus and customers”

Well done Simon - your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated!

Check out this page next month to see the new Colleague of the Month!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next roundup, and get a behind-the-scenes preview over on our Facebook page.

For more on our most recent achievements, check out everything that’s happened this June in our monthly blog!


Mirus Culture

As a services business, we don’t have a product to sell. The key to our success is the service that is delivered and therefore the people that deliver it. We are proud to be an ‘Investors in People’ company.

We know there’s more to life than work – that’s why when you join Mirus IT you’ll get your pick of our amazing company perks. That includes phone insurance, a free coffee daily from Caffè Nero, great price cinema tickets, plus loads more. Find out more about all our colleague rewards here: Perkbox


  • Competitive salaries.
  • Contributory pension scheme.
  • A tailored professional and personal development plan.
  • Receive up to 10 days training per annum, relevant to your position.
  • When you join Mirus IT you’ll get your pick of our amazing company perks from Perkbox.
  • Discount opportunities with our partners and clients.
  • Support is just a phone call away with this valuable employee service that Mirus IT offer called EASE from Westfield Health.
  • Free financial wellbeing advise and competitive loans through the Neyber.
  • Free flu jab.
  • Free tea, coffee and squash.
  • Cycle2Work Scheme.
  • Discounted personal Costco membership.
  • Mtech Scheme (technology loans on discounted IT products).
  • Free fruit.
  • Free use of the on-site gym.
  • Work in attractive office space with plenty of free parking – The Mirus IT office has: Pool, darts, ping pong, American diner, foosball table and think pods for those quiet times. Take a look around here.
  • Take part in our regular events and activities outside of work. Check out our Mirus Challenges on our blog.

Take a tour of our office!

The MTeam - Pretty in Pink!
Sept 2019 at Mirus HQ
Dan Sharp and Chris Maybray - Mirus SMT

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