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Are your Business Credentials for Sale Online?

Data Breach Assessment Header Page Image

In the event of a data breach, you want to be confident your business is covered and compliant.

It’s estimated that one in four organisations will suffer a data breach in the next 2 years. With 41% of UK customers claiming they’d take their business elsewhere if their provider suffered a data breach*, it certainly pays to be prepared.

With your clients entrusting you with personal, confidential and sensitive business data, and with the increase of devastating breaches hitting small and large companies across the globe**, staying secure has never been a bigger priority for businesses. 

At Mirus, we can run a comprehensive Data Breach Vulnerability Assessment to test your infrastructure's security processes and practices. Features include:

  • Testing your company for potential breach weaknesses
  • Assessing your users for phishing susceptibility
  • Analysing your cyber security processes and systems for vulnerabilities
  • Confirming if any of your Company Credentials have been leaked and are available for purchase and misuse.

Now’s the time to secure your business for the future. Book your FREE Data Breach Vulnerability Assessment now!

*source: https://www.scmagazine.com/home/security-news/data-breach/uk-consumers-more-likely-to-abandon-a-breached-company/

** statistics regularly updated at: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/

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