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Events & Webinars


We believe in helping you to build your knowledge and understanding of IT issues – everything from backup and disaster recovery to implementing cloud technology. So, we hope you will be able to join our experts at the various events and webinars we attend or host.

Latest Events / Webinars



We've hosted quite a few webinars so far this year, but did you know that we recently hosted the very first Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit, which was incredibly well received.

We'll be hosting more relevant webinars throughout 2019, and some of those will be with our strategic partners.

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Mirus IT Webinars

Thursday 26th September 2019

Bringing Presentations to Life with Microsoft PowerPoint

Ready to Bring Your Presentations to Life with Microsoft PowerPoint?

Bored of the yawntastic slide-after-slide presentations we see so often? Let's get your presentation popping!

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software, and it's very rarely used to its full potential, it offers an incredible plethora of wizzywig tools and tricks that pull no punches!

It's so much more than just a 'SlideShow Creator'! Find out just how powerful it is in our free, top-tips filled webinar.

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Thursday 25th July 2019

Utilising Microsoft Office Teams

Prepare yourself for Skype’s successor with this session on Microsoft Teams.

This is the perfect way to get acquainted with Microsoft’s comms, voice and video conferencing application – and a great way to improve your productivity if you’re already well acquainted.

This fast-paced, bite-sized approach to Teams covers all the most relevant and efficient tools, making you prepared and proficient for when Teams becomes Microsoft’s standard comms app.

The webinar is a breezy 30 minutes long, but if you still can’t find the time, we’ll be sure to send all who enrol a recording of the event – so you can watch it at your own convenience.

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Thursday 25th April 2019

Microsoft Office Teams Top Time Saving Tips - Powering Productivity

Looking for ways your teams can be more productive, and tips to manage your time better? Ensure you join our Top Tips Guru Iain for the fourth in our series of Microsoft Office Top Tips Webinars.

Microsoft Office Teams | Powering Productivity

In this session focusing on Office Teams, Iain unlocked the time-saving potential of this underused application. If you're already sold on Office Teams (the ‘new’ Skype – offering voice and video conferencing, persistent and threaded chats, private and team discussions), we're sure you'll pick up some new tips and discover more useful benefits.

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Our award-winning team uses enthusiasm, technical excellence and the highest level of service to meet and exceed your strategic business objectives. Without the jargon! So, please do put us to the test…

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Backup and Disaster Recovery


Event: Data Protection in a Cyber World

It far exceeded my expectations and gave me so much to think about.

I was really impressed with the Mirus offices and it was lovely to meet the blue team and put some faces to the names. 

Dee Anne

Industry: Recruitment

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Event: Data Protection in a Cyber World

A very informative day and lots of food for thought. 


Industry: Engineering

Business Infrastructure


Subject: Business Infrastructure

Well.. honestly it doesn't get much better than this. These guys know what they're doing!

Business Infrastructure


Subject: Business Infrastructure

All very dynamic, engaging and knew their stuff. Very impressed!!!

Attendee to a recent Knowledge Academy