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Mirus Downloads & Events

We have a number of informative documents available for you to download. Click on the links below to get your copy.

Click through if you're interested in our events.

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Datto's Total Data Protection Platform 2

DATTO: product family advice

Download link
Good security starts with you

MIMECAST: Good security starts with you

Download link
Mimecast whaling anatomy of an attack

MIMECAST: Protecting Your Organization from CEO Email Scams

Download link
Datto Business Continuity plans

DATTO: Four business continuity planning essentials

Download link
Datto backup and data protection

DATTO: Data and Business Protection for the SMB

Download link
ransomware guide

MIRUS and DATTO: The business guide to Ransomware

Download link

MIRUS and DATTO: Why SaaS isn't backup

Download link
Questions you must as an IT Service provider eBook 152 x 152

MIRUS: Questions you must ask an IT service provider

Download link
YSoft Download

YSoft: Enable secure print within your office

Download link
Mirus disaster and recovery guide

MIRUS: Preparing for disasters and recovery

Download link