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Cal Leeming Speaker at the Cyber Security Summit

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Cal Leeming - Security Advisor & Founder
Driven by a relentless passion for technology. Cal’s vision is clear; to make our technological world a safer place, pushing boundaries and defining success on his own terms.
There really is no mistaking Cal’s unique yet endearing style, an outspoken critic who pulls no punches and sparks fierce debate in a demanding pursuit of world-class security. As a serial entrepreneur and security advisor, Cal is renowned for his balls-to-the-wall approach and interminable enthusiasm to solve complex problems.
The story behind Cal’s journey is remarkable. After a nefarious start where his natural curiosity and obsession to understand how things work led him astray, Cal was caught hacking at the age of 12, making him the youngest child ever to be prosecuted under the Computer Misuse Act in the U.K.
In his early 20s, Cal was discovered by two visionary entrepreneurs and collectively they built PixelMags, the first company to put a digital magazine on the iPhone. It was a huge hit, growing to 15 million users and securing $20m in funding.
Some years later and Cal would meet Adam Lyons, a high-school dropout with a crazy vision to disrupt car insurance. Together they started building The Zebra, which has since become the fastest growing US car insurance comparison site, recently landing $40m in Series B funding from Accel Partners.
Now in his early 30s, Cal has become a true spokesperson of today’s modern world. Taking inspiration from other visionary leaders, he focuses heavily on culture and shares their belief that success is born out of luck and determination. He boasts an impressive client portfolio, which includes brands such as Bank of England, Vodafone, Barclaycard and Vice Magazine.
More recently Cal featured on BBC Horizon’s hard-hitting documentary about cyber-attacks on the UKs
National Health Service, otherwise known as “The Day the NHS Stopped”.
Today Cal is the founder of River Oakfield who provide tailored cyber security solutions for private clients and enterprises.

Outside his hectic schedule, he relaxes by indulging in his favorite hobbies: flying aircrafts, photography and trying to catch up on his sleep.






We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 8th November!




Count down to the Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit

Directions to Chicheley Hall

The Bucks Cyber Security Summit is hosted at Chicheley Hall

Join a number of keynote speakers and industry experts, from Microsoft, Datto and Mimecast, on the 8th November discussing the clear and present risk facing all organisations.

By the end of the day you'll be better prepared to understand these threats, discuss with peers, and therefore help to reduce your exposure.


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