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Your Teams Dont Just Need Training They Want It

Your Teams Don’t Just Need Training – They Want It

What motivates an employee? Knowing that they can accomplish their role perfectly, or realising that no matter what they do, they can always do it better? 

According to research from several industry influencers, it’s the latter:

77% of our workers would like more training at work

1 in 3 employees will leave an organisation within a year if they feel unengaged

The cost of replacing an employee is as much as £12,000

At least 70% of professionals are more likely to stay with a company offering engaging training opportunities

However, 69% of UK employees find training unexciting and unengaging.

As we’ve covered in our recent blog What Workers Want From a Modern Workplace, training sits unanimously atop the modern employee’s wishlist. The new generation of workers has been born into a disruptive and entrepreneurial age that favours adaptive thinking; training is your opportunity to delight these eager recruits.


Your Teams Dont Just Need Training - They Want It - InfographicThere is that one, niggling statistic, however. Almost as many employees who want training find current learning methods dull or unengaging. City & Guilds’ recent poll found that 69% of the UK’s workforce were left “bored and disinterested” by the majority of training content, and craved “more personalised” approaches to learning and development.

Demanding an interesting, engaging content plan that also caters to specific needs sounds like having one’s caHow to Identify the Training Gaps in Your Teams - Checklistke and eating it. Yet as the demands of the workplace evolve, so too do the demands for up-to-date, relevant learning opportunities. According to Udemy, Creativity, Innovation and Communication Skills are among the top 10 most requested training topics for 2020. There’s a shift in expectations for training, and while younger, technically proficient users don’t need help cobbling a PowerPoint together, they’re eager to create captivating new possibilities with it.  

But looking forward isn’t only about adopting the newest learning and development trends; it also means revisiting your older methods. Training is only relevant if it’s kept consistent, and without updating your employees on the developments in their tools and processes, they too run the risk of stagnating.

If it sounds like the cost of training is rising, then that may well be because it is. UK training budgets have increased by 13% in the past year, a study by the Open University claims. Yet training budgets could offset the costs of not training at all; replacing an employee costs an SME as much as £12,000, so it pays to invest in the learning and development that keeps them engaged at work.

It seems that the UK is rethinking it approach to training, treating it less like a duty and more like an opportunity. Now’s the time to start making yours matter.


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