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Your Employees can Work Easily from Home - Here's How


We’ve spoken to a lot of organisations who don’t think that remote working could work for them. Some of them don’t think they could afford the investment in systems and processes it would require, and are concerned about potential security risks or issues arising from employees using different versions of software.

However, by implementing Microsoft Office 365 you can resolve all of these problems, and at a price that even small businesses and start-ups can afford.

Why implement remote working?

You might be wondering why you would want to instigate remote working within your business in the first place.

There are a whole range of benefits to remote working that you could be taking advantage of, including:

Improved productivity

How many hours of work do you lose to staff illness, long commutes to business meetings or simply when an employee needs to stay at home, perhaps waiting for a plumber or caring for a sick child?

By implementing remote working you can enable your staff to continue working even when they can’t be in the office.

Lower overheads

Fewer office-based employees reduces your utilities bills, while for smaller businesses it can be the difference between having to hire a larger, more expensive premises or not.

Hiring can be less restricted

Have you ever interviewed a great candidate for a job but they weren’t able to accept it because they aren’t able to relocate? By allowing them to work remotely you can eliminate this problem.

How Microsoft Office 365 can help

So you know the benefits of remote working, but how can you overcome the challenges? More to the point, can one software suite really solve them all?

Access documents anytime, anywhere

Once you have a Microsoft Office 365 licence covering all of your employees they will be able to access all of their work documents anywhere, at any time - all they require is an internet connection.

In the past one issue that could arise from remote working was employees working on the same document but with different versions of Word, Excel, etc. If the office computers had licences to the most up-to-date software, but a remote worker was using software five years out of date, conflicts could arise. Equally, version control was an issue when office-based and remote employees were collaborating on a document. Office 365 allows for real-time editing and collaboration to ensure your hard work isn’t overwritten and lost.

Stay connected

It’s essential for you to stay in regular contact with your remote workers, and the Office 365 service enables this thanks to Skype for Business.

Stay connected with all of your staff whether they’re in the office, at home or on-the-go, while also cutting the cost of your business calls.

Safe and secure

One of the biggest challenges on adopting remote working we hear from organisations is the concern over keeping documents secure when being accessed from machines they have no control over.

Office 365 uses the same systems as used by Microsoft, helping to protect emails, documents and networks, scanning them for malware and spam 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive allows your employees to store all of their work files in one place, allowing access to them wherever they are in the world. They are kept private and secure, although the ability to share them with colleagues is also available.

OneDrive for Business backs up all files automatically, and offers 1TB of storage and sharing.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your organisation get in touch with the team here at Mirus IT. Alternatively if you’d like to learn how you can maximise your employees efficiency with remote working and other strategies, download our free eBook - 6 Ways You Can Maximise Your Employees Efficiency.

Maximise Employee Efficiency

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