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XP End of Life Support

Time for an IT Makeover?

Microsoft has now ended support for Windows XP, a legacy product that is more than a decade old. Mirus IT is equipped to help you transition your business from Windows XP to more modern technologies, such as Windows 8.1.

While upgrading technology can seem daunting, transitioning to a more modern technology has proven business benefits. According to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), tech-savvy small to midsize businesses (SMBs) using modern solutions grew their revenue 15 percentage points faster and created jobs two times faster during the past three years than SMBs using little technology.

Windows 8.1 is designed with businesses in mind, building on Windows 7 fundamentals like speed, reliability and security, while creating a modern platform built for a new generation of hardware experiences – from tablets and innovative touch devices to traditional desktops and laptops. It is the ideal solution for businesses looking to increase productivity and collaboration, unleash a mobile workforce, and ultimately compete more effectively.

XP End of Life Support Details

Microsoft has ceased their standard support for XP which could leave your organisation vulnerable to security and compliance risks. From April 8th 2014 date there will be no security updates, security hotfixes or online technical content updates, and unsupported and unpatched environments may result in the suspension of your compliance certifications if your systems and customer information are not migrated to fully supported systems.

Get in touch with Mirus IT Solutions to discuss options for on-going Windows Operating System and application support as there are a number of solutions that may be more suitable to your business now. You may consider:

  • Replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 and Office 2010/2013
  • Replacing Windows XP with Windows 8 and Office 2010/2013
  • Transforming older desktop machines to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment

The upside beyond keeping you supported is that these solutions offer more flexibility to empower employees and to be more productive, while increasing operational efficiency through improved PC security and management. It also enables your organisation to take advantage of latest technology trends such as virtualisation and the cloud.

If you are concerned your hardware may not be able to support later software applications, then Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology enables you to centralise your applications by upgrading your back-office infrastructure and transform your desktop machines to operate as portals. This enables machine-agnostic access to new desktop environments with the added benefit of reducing your on-going costs of replacing aging machines.

To make the switch to the latest Windows Operating System we have all the help and support you need to make this as smooth and painless a transition as possible. We’re confident that the benefits of upgrading will make parting with Windows XP a lot easier as there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade. The sooner you can find time to discuss these options, the sooner we can begin your replacement programme to ensure minimal disruption for you.

An Introduction to Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 VideoWindows 8.1 Pro is designed to allow customers like you reduce business costs, juggle daily operations and employ a mobile workforce. In addition, the new Windows makes it easier for traditional PC users to move forward on to a modern touch or non-touch device with familiar features such as the Start button and an optional boot to desktop. Regardless of the type of devices you’re using, now is the time to realise the benefits of moving your business to Windows 8.1.

What is new on Windows 8.1:

  • Familiar Desktop: The new Windows lets you boot directly to the familiar desktop, featuring the Start button, letting you get started easily with familiar ways to work.
  • Enhanced search – Just start typing on the Start screen and Windows 8.1 Pro will retrieve results in a beautiful curated app-like experience that brings together everything on the PC, my OneDrive, and the web into one place.
  • Multi-monitor improvements – Bring your tablet to work and dock it to a large screen, or set up your workspace with several monitors.
  • Personal hotspot – If you are working with your co-workers outside the office, then Windows 8.1 provides you the ability to use your device as a personal hotspot so that you can share your mobile broadband connection with everyone else.

Watch the Getting started tutorials for Windows now!

Here to Help

Mirus IT can help your company transition to a platform that is fast, reliable, secure and has all enterprise-grade capabilities you need. Contact us today on 0845 095 2760 to upgrade from Windows XP.

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