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Works for Us Grateful for a Helping Hand from Mirus

When Works for Us needed urgent help with their new office cabling, Mirus IT Managing Director Paul Tomlinson and team rolled up their sleeves to ensure services would continue despite a last minute request to help with their office relocation.

Paul Cabling

Works for Us (previously MK Women and Work) moved from Acorn House on Midsummer Boulevard to new 15,000sq feet offices at the Elder Gate offices above Milton Keynes Central train station at the beginning of October. They had not been informed the data cabling in the offices would need installing, and were therefore worried about the need to close operations temporarily whilst they found a solution. Responding to the urgent request, Mirus and a small team of engineers were all too happy to help out swiftly and made sure all their machines and equipment were connected and in working order so that Works for Us could continue to provide training for their clients as normal.

Works for Us is an independent voluntary sector organisation and registered charity based in Milton Keynes who aim to help local people improve their employment prospects by providing advice and guidance and a variety of free training courses.

Janice Jones from Works for Us said: “Paul and his team were real heroes - we’re astonished they were able to respond so quickly. We’re simply delighted this kind of help is available from businesses in Milton Keynes.”

Paul himself said: “It’s nice to be able to give something back when we can. Of course we are a commercial business first and foremost, but there are certain occasions where it is enough to help our local charities and community groups out knowing that those good deeds ripple out to our community.”

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