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Snow day no Show Day Blog - Mirus IT

With Remote Working, Your Snow Days Needn’t Be ‘No-Show’ Days

If there’s one thing we at Mirus are familiar with, it’s the troves of absent employees, left stranded at home during Britain’s snowiest seasons. 

With so many people reliant on roads and public transport to make it to the office on time, the snow sees us dealing with numerous requests from employees who want work-from-home solutions. 

The difference is, these requests don’t come from our employees; they come from our clients, who contact us almost every Winter hoping that their stranded and snowed-in workers can be given a swift solution!

The truth, however, is that implementing an efficient and protected Remote Working setup does takes time. There are hardware and software configurations to consider, with the safety of your company data and servers topping your priority list. Yet once the necessary steps are in place, it’s a relatively seamless experience; and with the demand for flexible solutions rising, most modern software is unanimously designed to support the out-of-office employee.

Multiple surveys suggest that the benefits of Remote Working don’t only extend to workers, but to your business. Remote staff are considered more productive, business overhead costs are lower, and one in three employees would see increased employee retention – not to mention more job applicants as the demand for Remote Working rises.

For businesses looking to get their workers connected, they’ll need to ensure they have the following in place:

VPN Access

Essential for encrypting data over network connections, especially for workers who rely on multiple different Wi-Fi networks.


Common office software or design tools, such as Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud, allow for access to all files both at work and from any other internet connection.

A Terminal Server

A server, with sufficient protection, will allow teams to access any other files on your work network

A VoIP Solution

Allowing for any calls to work numbers to be diverted to home mobiles or landlines.



Plenty of Training

Whether informing teams on how to divert calls or safely connect to servers from remote collections, safe Remote Working needs its share of preparation and education.

Mirus Remote Monitoring Agent

Existing Mirus customers will need this in order to allow anti-virus and remote access control. This helps us with any setup or support problems any day you enable your Remote Solutions. Contact us for any assistance!

Finally, for further information there’s our eBook, Remote Working Successfully - which covers everything its name suggests. For anything else Remote Working related, why not give us a call? Whether you’re an existing client or looking for a brand-new business IT solution, we’re happy to discuss your needs! 

As you can see, Remote Working is only easy to set up on the technical side; a fair, compliant and secure Remote Working policy takes much more thought and care. Yet with enough precaution and a concise strategy, you can start to reap the benefits - confident that yours is built to last.


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