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With Landlines Soon to be Discontinued, is it Time to Move Over to VoIP?

However much it’s fallen out of favour recently, you’ve got to hand it to the humble landline. A constant, trustworthy service, from the classic copper cabling of the 1800s it’s endured far better than most modern technical advancements, and millions of homes still rely on it for their communications.

But as we know, all good things must come to an end, and as far as UK phone giant BT is concerned, landline’s not here to stay. In 2020, the telecoms company will begin discontinuing the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) – with a view that all traditional phone lines will be gone in 2025.

Voiceover Internet Protocol – or VoIP – is set to replace the whole landline-shebang.

Available wherever there’s an internet connection, VoIP works on both specialist phones and computer software packages, relying on software to exchange data rather than physical phone lines. It also boasts many benefits over regular landline connections; enough so that more and more UK businesses are adopting it.

What are the benefits of moving away from landlines now?

Cheaper calls

These are the real boon; by using your existing internet connection, VoIP requires no costs for lines, nor their maintenance. Whilst VoIP providers still charge fees for the use of their services, this is typically cheaper than current phone standards, and often variable depending on the functionality you need from your subscription.

More features

Alongside the typical functions you’d expect from a landline – call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting and voicemail – VoIP offers software solutions to give you yet more power over your conversation. Calls can be recorded, routed and diverted, whilst automated ring-back and instant voicemail forwarding allow you to manage your calls around your working schedules.

With the rapid pace of technology, 2025 might feel like a long time coming; but in the storied history of analogue phones, it’s merely a blink of the eye. If your company isn’t ready yet to ‘hang up’ the landlines, be warned - there’s not long left before that receiver is put down for good.

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