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Do You Wish for Control and Choice?

Your Wish is Granted

Back in the day, the only choice for companies to manage their internal IT was to have it all entrusted to a single, physical desktop computer. But these days this is seen as a time-consuming and expensive option. What is seen as the best route in 2014 is to embrace desktop virtualisation.

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Desktop virtualisation, as the name suggests, is a virtualisation methodology that involves separating a computer desktop environment from its physical server computer.

It's many benefits, accessibility is the one that makes the biggest difference to how businesses operate. Everyone from business owners to IT experts and entrepreneurs find it easy to use and that it suits their purpose. Business owners, amid their busy business operations, can still enjoy flexibility and full control over their schedule as virtualisation allows them to work anytime, anywhere, and via any Internet accessible device.

Tech connoisseurs consider it a kind of client-server computing method, since the "virtualised" desktop is being stored, controlled, and operated on a centralised and remote server.

This type of desktop virtualisation uses the server-computing model and is enabled both through software and hardware.

You are in Control

The most obvious virtue of virtualisation is its capacity to give business owners the control they want over their IT processes. Through this they are given the capability to simplify their desktop administration, supervision, support, and even management process. Gone are the days when multiple platforms, permissions and methods of control would dumbfound even the most seasoned IT experts.

Desktop virtualisation is also being embraced by many SMEs because it helps them augment and improve security and compliance management dramatically without great expense. This means that they are less susceptible to security issues and viruses, which typically pester old desktop server models.

In other words, it gives them more improved support growth initiatives for mobility and flexible work locations that they don’t get from the old desktop server technology.

Your Choices are Endless

Another great thing about current virtualisation bundles on the market is that they no longer come in one kind or in its basic one-size-fits-all approach. They've undergone many changes and improvements, and companies are now reaping the benefits.

For example, here at Mirus, we offer a wide range of virtualisation solutions that can be implemented based on your needs. From virtualising your document creation and management systems using Microsoft Solutions, to offering a virtual desktop and server environment using powerful tools from VMware we offer industry leading solutions.

In fact, one of our most powerful virtualisation options - VMware View - enables business owners to deliver virtualised desktops and applications via a single platform. This allows you to drastically reduce the number of software licenses you need to carry and the overall management cost while simultaneously enabling the ability to access all systems from anywhere. With a system like this in place, management becomes more predictable and easier.

We work with you to implement and manage the best virtualisation solution for your business. Be it a cheaper but still effectual virtualisation package being offered for small businesses, start-ups, or newly formed departments; or more intricate and expansive approaches. The type of virtualisation you get really depends on your company’s size, needs, and goals. And whatever it is, however big or complex, there would always be the right virtualisation provider to give your company what it needs and deserves.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help get you started, and the different options available to your business.


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