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Why Your IT Should Enhance Your Customer Experience

We've all been there: You call your bank or utilities provider, hoping for a quick fix to a simple problem. One hour later, you're grinding your teeth to that cacophonous 'hold' music and passed from one operator to the next, each echoing the same excuse as the last:


“I’m really sorry - our systems are running slow today.”


For customers, it's frustrating - a long and needless wait for a service they're failing to receive. It's also a frustration for your business: If customers are battling your inefficient systems, then you're not only losing potential business, your infrastructure might need some serious revisions.

For their 'State of the Connected Customer Report', Salesforce consulted 6,700 consumers and discovered that 57% would stop using one business if another could provide a better Customer Experience. Customers are empowered to make quick and informed changes if a business doesn't meet their expectations, and a poor experience is all the reason they need.


“57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience”

State of the Connected Customer Report - Salesforce.


With such tools as instant messaging, CRM, mobile apps, automation systems, self-service portals and chat bots, companies are providing more avenues than ever for an efficient Customer Experience; one that generates trust, grows revenues and drives repeat business with new and existing clients. Investing in these not only provides choice, but promotes your company's success and growth.


In other words: The more options you provide (and provide well), the more customers you can bring to your business.


However, without a suitable IT infrastructure and the resources to underpin these CustEx solutions, the results can be counterproductive. The customer receives a sub-par experience, and the feelings towards your business become negative. But! Employed correctly, you'll be able to develop a deeper penetration into key accounts, drive repeat sales from first-time customers, and a growth in enquiries through positive word of mouth.


That's the difference between 57% customer loss, and 100% customer satisfaction.



Ensure your IT makes your customer experience delightful.

With a FREE Network Health Check we'll be able to identify where your systems can be fine tuned, helping you to deliver a high level of service to your customers.

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