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Why your business needs a network health check!

Just like monitoring your own vitals, it’s important that you keep an eye on your daily business functions and hardware too and a network health check is the best, and most comprehensive, way to do this. Given the speed at which the networking world moves it’s essential to find a way to stay on top of what’s going on with everything from cabling configurations to equipment, software versions and serial numbers. Without this kind of information it’s difficult to get perspective on the current situation, what additions might be necessary or how to respond in a crisis.

Free Network Health Check

Problems solved

The health check is like an MOT for your business so if you’re currently having any issues then it’s a great way to work out where they are coming from. Investigation and troubleshooting is much more effective when carried out on a regular basis than as a panicked response to an escalating crisis.

Optimising the current set up

While a network may function exceptionally well when installed, there are many reasons why it might begin to slow over time. A lack of awareness of a slow down, or a situation where staff are simply used to systems responding badly can cost a business thousands – a regular health check can identify the problems, as well as offering cost saving solutions.

Looking forward

A network review isn’t just about the current system but about preparing for any future changes too. It’s an important part of the strategy that will ensure a smooth transition when new solutions are added and help to identify what direction the business should take.

Network health checks, what’s involved?

A network health check will take a holistic view of all network issues and provide you with a review of a range of factors, including the following:

  • Network speed – are you getting the maximum performance from your equipment and if not, why not?
  • Security – do you have an antivirus solution in place and is it up to date?
  • Windows patches – are you getting the most from the applications you’re using?
  • Event logs – checking for signs of impending failures.
  • Internet connection speeds – what speeds are currently being achieved and what could be done to upgrade/improve this?
  • Warranty checks – what is the position with the warranties on all the core infrastructure and when is this likely to change/expire?
  • Backup solutions – what is currently in place and what are the options to introduce or improve better solutions?
  • Firewall rules – what is the business currently using, reviewing the configuration and looking at the implications.

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