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Where does your IT Service Provider Fit?

Mirus IT Support - Managed Services

Over six years ago Mirus IT Solutions made a decision that we did not want to be a ‘typical’ IT Service Provider, offering a reactive IT Support agreement.

Many Service Providers still offer this type of unplanned unmanaged service, constantly firefighting problems that arise as and when they occur, not offering real business value to their client base.

We are often asked to perform Health Checks on company’s networks, looking at the status of their systems, is their back-up working, do they have a disaster recovery plan in place, how quickly are they adding data to their servers, how do their incumbent providers monitor performance and component failures. More often than not we find something such as back-ups failing on certain days, with no alerting or monitoring in place to highlight the problem, or the fact that their server does not have the latest Microsoft Service Packs installed, therefore presenting potential security vulnerabilities.

At Mirus we knew the step towards Managed Services, offering pro-actively focused industry leading solutions, was essential in being able to offer the services we felt would benefit our clients, not only from a technology point of view, but also adding real business value. We focus on not only on providing excellent levels of customer service via our highly skilled Service Desk, but also the monitoring and management of key services, such as your business critical servers, ensuring we’re aware of issues before they occur.

Our Service Desk has strict internal service level agreements, based on the ITIL framework, that mean no matter whether a call is critical or non-critical we’ll more often than not identify and resolve the issues faster than our competitors. This is due to the training and investments that we've made internally into things such as our engineers Microsoft Certifications and our industry leading network monitoring and management system. This system enables us to monitor things such as back-up success, anti-virus definition updates, hardware component failure (such as hard drives and power supplies), as well as server utilisation.

All of this information enables us to provide our clients with Management Reports, giving you a non-technical overview of the system so you can be assured that everything is as it should be and constantly managed and maintained by Mirus.

Perhaps now would be the right time to ask yourself if your incumbent provider is the right business to partner with going forward, are they able to offer the proactive, managed IT service that your business needs going forward at a cost effective level. We often find businesses tied down in expensive support agreements that don’t offer anywhere near our service levels or day to day monitoring and management.

For a FREE network health check and a discussion about the services Mirus IT Solutions can offer then contact the team at Mirus on 01908 257352 or e-mail sales@mirus-it.com.

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