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When You Don't Need To Worry About Ransomware

 Ransomware_358x200.jpgEveryone frets and worries about ransomware. Between the hospital that recently managed to avoid it, and ODIN popping up on September 26th, everyone is concerned. Here are three situations in which you don't need to worry about it, though.    

One: If you want to lose time to your competitors  

In the aftermath of a ransomware attack, most people have several things to worry about. They stress over how to get your data back. They fret about how they're going to keep the information from getting out. They worry about what the hacker might have gained access to, and question if all they really wanted was the money. Dealing with all of this, you lose time to your competitors. If, however, you don't mind spending the time to get your company moving forward again... or if you're not scared of discovering how deep the damage goes, no worries. Your competitors will thank you for giving them a leg up on you.     

Two: If you have a ton of money 

In the last year, ransomware has cost businesses over £1 billion.

If you're a Fortune 500 company, no need to worry about this, right? You pay the hackers off and get on with your day, eating off your bone china, and enjoying your view of NYC. For smaller businesses, on the other hand, you need to be more concerned. When you're working from day to day to keep your business in the black, or even just to get into the black for the first time after setting up, you need to be aware of the balance of costs. Which will cost more? Paying off hackers, or setting up protection to keep them out?

Three: If you don't mind losing the trust of your clients 

In a day and age where marketing is ruled by the "tribe" mindset, most businesses are very aware of what affects their clients. If you've gotten to the point where nothing your clients or customers say can affect the solidity of your business, that's fantastic. Please, tell the rest of us how you did it. You might not need to worry about how much of your clients' trust will be worn away by having your data breached. Smaller businesses again need to be concerned. The trust of your clients is your life blood. Whether it's their account information, credit cards, or their personal data like addresses, protecting that data is a must. It's not only for the viability of your company, but also for gaining the trust of both current and future clients.  

If any of these apply to you, then congrats! You don't have any reason to worry about ransomware. If, however, you're even a mite concerned, please feel free to contact us today. We can help you protect your data and your business. We're also currently offering Disaster Recovery Health Checks for your business, get in touch with us to find out how you can get one for free!

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