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When it Comes to IT Support, Should You go Local?

When you need something fixed, you don’t want to travel far or wait too long for a solution. Your business is no different – even if many providers offer solutions via phone or internet, they don’t always offer the most personal, or immediate response.

That’s where a local, on-site solution can help.

Don’t get us wrong – remote support is a welcome and appropriate option for many businesses, with no two companies having identical needs. Yet with the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it behoves certain enterprises to be on top of their tech. An on-site technician (you can't get more local than that!) can help them to get there. Trained in systems, software and hardware, they’re a vital resource of tech solutions, provide exceptional assistance for teams, and might be just what your company needs.

Businesses in fast-moving or dynamic environments might want an all-encompassing solution however – especially if large teams make on-site solutions prohibitive or complicated. That’s why remote services will always be available; their convenience and accessibility still has too much to offer.

If you’re looking at moving to a Managed Service Provider, do you know what solution, or mixture of service solutions could be the best fit for your business? Let’s explore the options:

More than Remotely Helpful

With a technician always on-hand, problems can not only be analysed sooner, they can be fixed immediately after. A keener eye might yield better results, as well as spot any lingering or recurring problems far earlier – saving you those unwelcome future shocks.

Even so, an on-site technician does eventually sleep at night – so if your business needs round-the-clock coverage, remote support at least offers an always-available alternative. By being accessible any time, from anywhere, your remote work options do open a more flexible help solution, that also serves your remote workers needs.  

It's Good to Talk

Not all employees are alike, and fewer yet will share the same experience with your tech or systems. So when a problem occurs, how much of their predicament will your employees truly understand? With a local technician, employees can be confident that any issues, confusions or complications can be resolved and communicated in a way that’s simpler to understand and report – making life easier for both them and your technicians.

You won’t get quite the same experience from a remote solution, but you might find that having one complimenting your on-site technician makes for an efficient combination. Relying on your on-prem technicians for every problem isn’t always necessary, and may even distract them from larger, more pertinent tasks. With remote solutions, smaller or more immediate solutions can be designated accordingly, empowering employees to fix the issues themselves. In some cases, this may even be quicker – and also allows users to receive on-hand assistance with their tech conundrums.

Tech-Trained Teams

Whilst a local technician will keep your infrastructure up to industry standards, it’s important that your tech’s capabilities don’t outpace your teams’. With a more personal connection, your service provider is far more poised to support your teams’ progress and training.

Where necessary, many experts can assist with your company’s learning needs, keeping your teams au fait with the latest updates, devices and software. Not only does this keep your company up to date, it keeps both your technicians and workers on the same page.

Still, this isn’t to say that remote working can’t be an enlightening experience either. As we know from delivering  our Training Programmes, some users learn better in a one-on-one environment. Remoter work entrusts the user to carry out the fixes themselves, essentially providing a learn-by-doing approach to problems with immediate fixes.

Onsite support is more than just a means of keeping your infrastructure in working order: it creates a more unified and consistent work environment, one that benefits teams as well as managers and creates a more collaborative working culture. Yet the flexibility of remote working means that dynamic working environments, particularly with remote working policies, have a resource that’s efficient and always-available.

As with any business, there is no right answer, only the right decision; by assessing the needs of your business and its future ambitions, you’ll soon know which – if not both – is right for you.

As part of our Managed IT Services, Mirus provide a full analysis of your company’s needs, ambitions and systems – helping you find the solution that works best for you. Our on-site technicians adopt your company’s culture rather than our own – making them less like contractors and more like members of your team.

Or make use of faster call-outs with one of our regional technicians – providing a local service with quick response times.

Find out more by getting in touch with us.

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