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When Disaster Strikes Blog

When Disaster Strikes.

We came into work this morning and there was no water!
A water main supplying our business park has burst and we have absolutely no running water.
With 100 people in the office and 16 toilets we couldn’t function properly for long from the office. Anglian Water said it wouldn’t be fixed until late afternoon (and it isn’t yet!).

With no water coming into the estate that means no flush, no squash and no tea or coffee. We’ve got provisions of bottled water, but we can’t really be throwing a 1lt bottle of that down the pan!

We have clients to service (24/7) and we have a business to run, but we can’t work from this office.

In no time at all, the technical team ensure that all staff can run ‘soft phones’ using VoIP in order to make and receive phone calls on their mobiles or through their laptops as if on the work phones in the office.

The company systems are hosted in the cloud and we run on O365. Specifically, for the Sales and Marketing team, all our client and prospect programmes are also hosted in the cloud, which means we can access all systems from any computer.

Within a matter of minutes, everything is set up and the teams are off to work from home in a scheduled manner to ensure no visible disruption to our services.

There are 10 of us still here, for now, but all other team members are cracking on from their chosen location – the suns out, so perhaps working from the garden!

Business as usual.

You wouldn’t even know there was a problem. Could your business still function in this scenario?

We’re not sure when this leak will be fixed, or when our running water will be back on, but if it’s the same tomorrow – it will still be business as usual.

Would your business still be able to run?

Give us a shout and we’ll help you devise a continuity plan and help you ensure they’ll be no downtime, should your ‘Business as Usual’ become ‘Unusual’!

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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