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What’s the Biggest Security Risk? It’s always been you.

Back in 2006, 12 years ago Facebook was released to the world, previously it was only available for those at a specific university, this decision, as we well know, has dictated the social media landscape of today, and at the end of 2006, 12 million people had created a Facebook account!

Also, in 2016, Google celebrated its 9th birthday and bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in shares, Twitter and the PlayStation were launched along with the Wii. MySpace was all the rage, Bejewelled was hugely popular, we had instant message on the computer and skype was an emerging new technology. The iPod was around, but in a basic form, we had a limited selection of rather chunky mobile phones and Blockbuster video was still the Friday night favourite place to rent a film to watch.

One other noteworthy 2006 event, was the creation of this design by cartoonist John Klosser, who foretold the future with his poignant image:

John Klosser Cartoon Copyright2006

Copyright 2006 John Klossner www.jklossner.com 

Fast forward 12 years to 2018, and Data Security is still under the most threat from Human Error!

Their Human Firewall is a business’s strongest cyber security solution, or their biggest cyber security threat.

As a CEO/Company Director, do you know how best to ensure your Human Firewall has the knowledge and capability to protect your business and ensure they can spot and stop a cyber-attack? Could you trust that their actions would ensure your data is safe, secure and protected?

Do your teams really understand the risks of a cyberbreach, malware infection, ransomware attack? Do they know the potential ramifications to your business, your clients and their own security and employment status should your company suffer a breach?

Hand on heart, have you taken the right steps to ensure that you can trust your team to protect you, your data and your clients data?

As John  Klosser, highlighted so well, your cyber security is only as strong as the people in your organsation. Education and knowledge, continuous training and engagement is the only way to ensure a strong Human Firewall. Find out if your team can handle it, and book a free phishing test with us. Just click below to fill out the form, and we'll be in touch.

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