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What is Service Addiction

What is “Service Addiction”?

In 2009 we introduced our Service Addiction programme, our approach to ensuring our customers receive a world-class experience every time they contact their Mirus Service team. Through the last 10 years our addiction to providing the best service has driven our approach to maintaining and constantly improving each customer experience. 

Great service starts with great people. We know we can train people to develop their technical skills, but some people naturally strive to always provide that excellent service - and these are the people we want to see join the MTeam. 

Starting with recruiting into our Apprentice Acceleration Programme, we develop our future service desk engineers with live mentoring and technical training as they work on each ticket, ensuring they build the skills we measure for service excellence. Our Superstar engineer programme then takes high performing engineers and advances their development and mentoring to build our future Senior and Best Practice guiding engineers.

Maintaining great service needs an effective governance model. The first is our CSAT measurement – every time we close a ticket it gives our customers the opportunity to measure the quality of the service they received. Through 2019 we have maintained a top-tier 98.7% CSAT score from our customers, based on the service they received! We reward our engineers when they receive great feedback, helping to drive the best customer experience behaviours. These rewards allow them to accrue cash to spend on prizes of their choice, while team members can thank their colleagues for sharing knowledge and providing mentoring by giving each other reward badges, which can also be converted to prizes.


The MTeam is about more than great service. Our teams are always looking for ways to eliminate recurring issues which affect our customers’ productivity. We proactively measure the hours spent on service-impacting issues for our customers, using a system called “Reactive Hours Per Endpoint Measured”, or “RHEM”. RHEM identifies customers and the areas of their infrastructure which are affecting productivity. Every month, our Service Desk Team Leaders review their customers to identify any underlying issues that have arisen, then look for ways to implement permanent solutions – helping to prevent these impacts from happening again while increasing their customers’ productivity. You can learn more about RHEM in our blog here.

As part of the service addiction programme, we have reviewed how our customers like to interact with their service desk teams and with the introduction of our customer portal - the Mirus Service Hub - customers can log, update and review their own tickets without calling into their team. Since its introduction, we have added the Mirus Training Academy, giving free online videos and tips to help our customers learn about common applications such as the Microsoft Office suite. We are now trialling the ability to use an online chat to talk to the service desk, giving customers the ability to raise and discuss an issue without having to abandon their work schedule.  

Like any business, however, we don’t always get it right. Our ISO9001 management system ensures we have an escalation process and a full complaint system in place to capture and track improvements. We are proud that our complaints continue to fall year on year, even through continued growth in our business.


As we grow as a business, so too does our need for effective governance of our services; but with focused training and development, by rewarding our teams for great customer experiences and ensuring our engineers have access to the right details quickly and effectively, we work towards the best customer service we can provide


So, for us, Service Addiction encapsulates all these elements: 

- Recruiting the right people;
- Ensuring everyone has a training and development plan;
- Apprentice Acceleration Programme;
- Superstar Engineer Programme;
- Measuring CSAT (customer satisfaction);
- Improving customer productivity (R.H.E.M);
- Easing the way customers can talk to their service engineers via the Mirus Service Hub customer portal;
- Improving on how to raise tickets (introducing CHAT);
- Helping our customers develop their own skills via the Mirus Online Training Academy;
- Maintaining excellent customer infrastructure knowledge within our IT Glue knowledge system;
- Always looking for ways to keep improving the service we provide

It's a combination of all the above that not only keeps our service consistent, but empowers both our staff and our clients to make the right decisions, provide the best service and expand their capabilities.   


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