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What You Need in a Remote Working Policy


There are many benefits of implementing remote working for your business, but to ensure that it works well for your organisation, as well as its employees, it’s essential that you have a robust and detailed policy in place.

This will set out the expectations in regards to employees and employer, as well as set out the various processes and procedures associated with your remote working — but what should that policy include?

How to put in and approve remote working requests

This section of the policy will detail what employees need to do to request remote working, for example whether there is a certain amount of notice they have to give or form they need to complete.

The policy should also detail the criteria managers should consider before approving or denying requests. These criteria might include:

  • The employee’s role in regards to it’s suitability for remote working.
  • The skills and performance of the employer — can they be trusted to work unsupervised?
  • Will that employee’s absence negatively affect the team?
  • Is the location the employee wishes to work from suitable?

Expectations of employer and employee

It is important that what is expected of the employee is clearly laid out in the policy document and, although they are likely to be the same as when they are in the office, there might be subtle differences. For example, you may require that they are always reachable by phone.

Expectations on the organisation itself might relate to always giving fair consideration to requests or ensuring that remote employees have access to the appropriate technology, such as laptops or work mobile phones.


This will be one of the most important elements of the policy.

If remote employees are going to be using company IT equipment then this section will need to outline any restrictions on its use, including guidance on how to access confidential work information in public places.

You can also use this section of the remote working policy to direct employees to the overall IT equipment and systems policy.

Download our FREE remote working policy template

These are just some of the elements that should make up your remote working policy, but for a fuller breakdown of what should go into one, why not download our FREE remote working policy template?

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