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What is the True Cost of Your IT?

It’s a Conundrum.

You want the latest technology, set up for a more productive and proficient work environment. You want your systems secure, connected and running smoothly, with every employee benefitting from a synergised working environment. Yet the rapidly-evolving tech landscape is surpassing you daily, and keeping ahead of the curve is as impractical as it is expensive.

Adding up the cost of your hardware, software and monthly telecom bills might seem like the logical way to identify your outgoings, but the true cost of your IT – and its potential savings – is a little more covert.

Time – it’s More than Just Money

When your company’s tech begins to falter, so too does your users’ output. Over time, that lost productivity begins to add up.

In a Citrix survey, it was deduced that 89% of British employees are finding their work compromised by technical issues in the office. Based on the claims of those interviewed, 23% of employees were wasting up to 6 hours a week, thanks to hardware hassles such as slow connections, long boot times and frequent computer crashes.

Over the years, that’s a lot of time lost: 12 working days per employee, per year.

On one side of this troubling statistical coin, the likelihood that your business is losing productivity is worryingly high. On the other, you have a legion of workers willing to identify the solution for you.

By exploring the tech issues of each department, and discussing the impact with your users, you can better uncover the most common trends across your company. From there, you can form the solutions that’ll improve your user experience – and win back some of that lost productivity.

Unearthing the Costs

Based on the findings in Citrix’s study, let’s assume that users in your business are losing as much as 6 hours of work per week; that’s roughly 24 hours a month.  Multiplied by the 2019 average working wage of £8.21 an hour, each employee could be costing you more than £2,000 a month.  

It’s a worst-case scenario, perhaps, but it does demonstrate how money can leak through the gaps in your infrastructure. When your productivity falters, it’s tempting to invest in the latest technology, designed as it is to increase productivity; and while that might produce some short-term gains, without keeping it managed you’re simply plugging the gaps with more cash.

Completing an IT Strategy for your business can help you pinpoint the quickest, most effective wins – providing efficient solutions to you, your teams and your business.

The team at Mirus can help provide an assessment of your current IT set up and a plan for a more effective and economic solution - and we do this for free! Get in touch to find out more.



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