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What is the number 1 cyber threat to UK Businesses?

On the 23rd March 2018, the National Cyber Security Centre published their Weekly Threat Report, confirming the number 1 cyber threat to UK business: Phishing Emails.

Industry research by security company Clearswift reported that malicious links within emails are perceived as posing the biggest cyber threat to UK businesses, with 59% of business decision makers highlighting phishing as their chief concern. This is indicated to be far more than any other cyber threat.

The research from Clearswift surveyed 600 senior business decision makers and 1,200 employees across the UK, US, Germany and Australia.
These business decision makers from all four surveyed regions ranked phishing emails as the top threat to their organisation:

Cyber Threatscape Top 10

1.    59% Malicious links within emails
2.    33% Employees sharing usernames/passwords
3.    31% USB memory sticks/removable storage
4.    30% Users not following protocol/data protection policies
5.    28% Ex-employees retaining access to network
6.    26% Infection via malware from personal devices
7.    25% Hackers
8.    25% Employees using non-authorised tools/applications for work purposes (personal email drives/file sharing)
9.    24% Social media viruses
10.  23% Critical information on stolen devices 

The survey findings are aligned to previous assessments carried out by the NSCS.

Email remains a popular tool for attackers to launch cyber attacks, distribute ransomware and other forms of malware, or to commit fraud via business email compromise.

At Mirus IT, we are fully aware of the threats of phishing emails, to ensure our clients are prepared for such attacks, we offer FREE Phishing Tests and full cyber security training for staff, training client's employees to be their first line of defense. You can find out more about our Phishing and Security Awareness Services here.

*Source: National Cyber Security Centre Weekly Threat Report 23rd March 2018

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