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What is IT Support and why do I Need it?

Despite the rapid advances in Information Technology (aka, IT) and its equally rapid integration into our everyday lives, the area of IT remains somewhat of an enigma to many people who don’t work in the field.

On a literal level, IT support is an incredibly broad term that refers to any assistance given with technology-related products and services. In a business setting however, the role of an IT technical support officer is primarily to help monitor and maintain computer systems and networks across an organisation.

They are responsible for everything from the installation and configuration of computer systems, to the diagnostics of hardware and software, and trying to solve any problems that may arise.

Once associated with a basement team of tech geeks who only made themselves known in the event of a computer crashing or a printer breaking, the world of IT support has evolved into a fast-paced and complex sphere of cutting edge skills and real-time problem solving. It is also a central factor of many successful businesses, across every industry.

The importance of IT support should not be overlooked. Any company using computers - which in this day and age is practically every company - will need to consider their IT solutions if they are to make the most of the technology. Technical support is not just about fixing problems, but optimising the usability and performance of each and every component within a system. On top of this most IT companies will create technology road maps for businesses to keep them up to date and secure for the years ahead.

Another crucial reason for any business to enlist IT support is to keep their network as safe as possible from potential cyber threats. An IT professional will have the necessary knowledge to determine which security solution will work best, and to then install that solution and even monitor its effect.

Outsourcing IT support can be a cost effective way to keep everything running smoothly, without affecting the overall structure of an organisation thus ideal for companies in a time of growth. It can also be tailored to the needs of the business. For example, it can be provided as a one-off service in the case of an emergency, or as an on-going contract with varying degrees of responsibility.

Any time an organisation wants to introduce new technology into its domain, including employees’ own mobile devices, enlisting IT support services can ensure the best means of integration. Thus, it can help to move a business forwards.

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