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What is Cyber Essentials?

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government and industry scheme designed to help UK organisations improve their defences and demonstrate publicly their commitment to cyber security.

Even with industry-leading cybersecurity measures in place, modern malware tactics are increasingly becoming too sophisticated and are often undetected.

With the right Security Awareness Strategy, your employees and users can protect you and your clients and your suppliers!

The Cyber Essentials scheme has a very wide audience. Organisations of any size and in any industry can benefit from the provisions set out in the scheme.

The process of certification has been designed to be understandable yet comprehensive in order to provide a respected standard in cyber security.

Threats that Cyber Essentials guards against:
Cyber Essentials is designed to guard against the most common Internet-based threats to cyber security, specifically threats that use widely available tools and demand little skill. These include:

hacking — exploiting known vulnerabilities in Internet-connected devices, using widely available tools and techniques
phishing — methods that trick users into installing or executing a malicious application
password guessing — manual or automated attempts to log on from the Internet, by guessing passwords

Your IT, protected
The Cyber Essentials scheme helps organisations protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data stored on devices which connect to the Internet. For example:
  - desktop and laptop PCs
  - tablets and smartphones
  - all types of server and networking equipment

Advantages of certification
1.  Reassure customers that you are working to secure your IT and their data against cyber attack
2.  Attract new business with the promise you take cyber security seriously
3.  Build a relationship with a trusted IT supplier
4.  Certain local & national government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification

Getting certified
Certification involves a simple, three step process:
1.  Select a Certification Body through choosing one of our Accreditation Bodies
2.  Verify that your IT is suitably secure and meets the standards set by Cyber Essentials - your Certification Body can help with this.
3.  Complete the questionnaire - your Certification Body will provide this and verify your answers.

Once you’ve passed, you will be awarded your Cyber Essentials certificate.

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