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Windows bug

Microsoft Secures the Windows as One Last Bug Flies In

Windows 7 Hacked - Urgent Warning Issued

Microsoft are working on a patch for Windows 7 after cyber-thieves leapt on a vulnerability in the popular operating system.

The exploit, which combines security holes in both Google’s Chrome Browser and the 2009 operating system, allowed hackers to hijack user computers and infect them with malicious code. Google’s own researchers had seen evidence that hackers had found a way to migrate the malicious code from within Chrome to other software on a machine – something that Windows 7’s security coding would typically prevent.

Thankfully, Google insist that an up-to-date Chrome browser will help squash these vulnerabilities, so Chrome users are encouraged to get their copy up-to-date immediately. The latest version of Chrome is 72.0.3626.121, so do a quick version-check and get yours updated, if you haven’t already.

Microsoft, meanwhile, are yet to unveil their fix, likely as they perform system-wide testing of their solution. One can only hope that they get it out quickly; with Windows 7 losing official support in under a year, there’s no telling if any other flaws have been overlooked in its ten-year journey.

For all Windows 7 users, our advice remains the same; update your existing operating system to Windows 10. This new operating system iterates on the strength of 7, is regularly updated with all known security measures, and is likely to be supported for many more years to come. If you’d like to know more, we can help and offer migration strategy and planning.

 As always, the best prevention against cyber-attacks is human vigilance and a dedicated security solution. With our phishing training, you can train your workforce to be more aware of cyber-threats. Meanwhile, our Managed IT Services help keep your infrastructure managed, monitored and protected.

If you're not sure how best to proceed, Mirus IT can provide End of Life Strategies and Training, making your migration safe, smooth and simple. We'll also undertake any necessary security to make sure your systems aren't only up-to-date, but as secure as possible.

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Meanwhile, you can see more details on Microsoft's lifecycle policy here.


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