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VoIP - It's More than just Telephony

For those new to the concept of VoIP, its benefits over the typical landline - set to be discontinued in 2025 - might not be immediately apparent. 

We've covered some of the most immediate benefits in our blog 6 Great Reasons to Switch to VoIP but there's still plenty more uses for your VoIP telephony, as we'll discover...  

It's a Great Training Tool

The beauty of VoIP is its flexibility. You've the option to utilise - or ignore when appropriate - a great many tools and features. When used strategically, these can make VoIP an excellent accompaniment to your staff's training needs

It Provides Proof

If your business relays a lot of personal data over the telephone, having access to recorded calls helps confirm information in the event - heaven forbid - of a fraud claim or a complaint. It can also be used to manage nuisance, hoax or inappropriate calling with call blocking and diverting. Your call recording process will most commonly be used for confirmation purposes - tracking orders or service requests, for example - but these added benefits give you one more avenue for resolving and investigating issues.

Similarly - and we're loathe to use the 'D' word here - your call records can help resolve disciplinary issues, proving innocence or culpability in the event of any accusations. While few employees like to be surveyed, few will denounce any recorded call that absolve them from a false customer complaint.

You'll Never Know Enough

...so keep learning. However expertly you hone your skills, the next big industry disruption or competitor will always be waiting on the wings - so it pays to keep on top of an industry’s evolving future.

Think of companies who were once on top of their game: Nokia, MySpace, and Blockbuster Video. Each were titans of their respected market, but refusing to adapt to the demands of the market saw all of them knocked off their pedestals. Learning is about more than self-improvement, it's a vital lifeline for any business's longevity. 


It Gives Your Company a Worldwide Presence 

Landline calls, if we're being simplistic, are just two ends of one piece of cabling; call that number, and you'll always connect to the same device at the same location. VoIP numbers are different, allocated to the individual rather than the device. They're also transferable between devices, so even when employees are away from their office phone, they'll still be obtainable on the same contact number. Even better, VoIP numbers have no geographical boundaries - so no matter where in the world you are, you'll always be available on the same national number and at the local rate. 

The benefits are multiple here, offering cheaper calls for yourself and your clients, a consolidated worldwide presence, and universal availability for your key staff members.

It Seamlessly Integrates with Online Services

By taking place over your existing internet connection, VoIP exchanges data as opposed to raw audio, making it easier than ever to share via email, internet and SaaS applications such as Office 365. Click-to-call options from within your company website are a welcome convenience for your client, but integrating your VoIP software for benefits such as voicemail and calling via email makes it easier than ever for clients and co-workers to keep in contact.

This only scratches the service of your VoIP system's functionality; by opting for a data-based telephony solution, you provide an invaluable synergy between your calls, your clients and your company infrastructure.  


If you've yet to benefit from a VoIP telephony system, why not get in touch with Mirus? 

We'll provide a FREE Telephony Health Check with no obligation, while our VoIP solutions ensure you're set up with a telephony service that furthers your business strategy. 

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