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91% of Visual Hacks are Successful

Ever looked over someone’s shoulder at what they are viewing on the screen or paperwork on their desk?

Visual hacking is fast, and you don’t need any tech to do it.

 Visual hacking happens when “shoulder-surfers” spy what’s on the computer screens and desks of others and obtain classified information for unauthorised use. It’s been rated as the fifth most under-looked low-tech threat as it leaves no footprint and often goes unnoticed by IT professionals.

It can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
When it does, the implications are instant and irreversible.

 Here are some stats:

52% of sensitive information is visually hacked
91% of all visual hacking attempts are successful

What measures do you have in place to stop visual hacking? You can be visually hacked by staff, visitors, tradesmen, workmen, and what about your teams on the road working on trains and planes, coffees shops and clients lobbys? They’ll be using their tech and reading their documents in a public place, either as paper files or on the computer. How do they know that what they’re reading isn’t being hacked?

Have your teams been trained on the potential issues from a visual breach? Do they all have screen protectors?

If you haven’t already thought about this, it’s about time you did. It's up to you to train your staff and to create a strategy to educate your staff on the potential for data theft, and report any potential breaches of visual hacking.

Some tips

 - Be vigilant, take visual hacking security prevention measures
 - Visual hacking is fast, and anyone can be a visual hacker
 - Multiple pieces of information can be hacked easily
 - Visual hacking goes mainly unnoticed
 - Train your staff on protecting printed or physical material, such as reports, payslips and other confidential material
 - Review the material your staff view, ensure those working with potentially harmful, sensitive or financial material are better protected
   from visual hacking. Look at the layout of your office and at screen protectors for PCs.

If you’re looking for some more information about visual hacking before considering any investment in training, screen protectors or policy creation, check out this video from 3M.

And this short video from HP:

We can help train you and your staff, we can offer the most up to date cyber security solutions, provide you with the most effective privacy screens and other equipment to secure corporate privacy, plus we also offer outstanding backup and data recovery systems, over 24 hour technical support and more. Why not find out how good your employees are at protecting your business with our FREE PHISHING TEST.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

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