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How and Why we Measure Customer Satisfaction Mirus IT

Utilising Customer Feedback to Drive Success

If there’s one thing we at Mirus know as members of the service industry, it’s this: you’re only as good as your clients say you are.

However many industry awards we’ve won, we owe them all to the feedback we receive from our customers – and the way that their opinions influence our services, you might even say they’re our key decision makers.

How and why we measure customer satisfaction Mirus IT 1

Customer feedback speaks volumes. It defines your company reputation, it identifies your weaknesses (and indeed, your strengths), and it shapes the way you deliver your services and solutions. The cherry on top is that it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that your customers’ voices are being heard, and that their opinions have value.

Let’s explore how Mirus measures its customer satisfaction, and how this influences our service offerings.

We wanted a system that simplified the entire customer feedback process; allowing clients to give service reviews instantly and us the ability to view this feedback in real-time. That way, in the rare instance that a client is unsatisfied, we can react within our 24 hour timeline to resolve their issues.

In the Mirus office, tracHow and why we measure customer satisfaction Mirus IT 2king and resolving this customer feedback is done in real-time with a ‘scoreboard’ of sorts. Projected onto one of the main walls of our office, it tallies our customer satisfaction scores and displays our clients’ feedback on any resolved tickets. It also calculates an average customer satisfaction score, providing up-to-the-minute details on our progress towards goals and milestones.  

The benefit here is three-fold; we’re able to effectively measure customer satisfaction at the point of resolution, follow up on any customer complaints, and create an environment which is both competitive and cooperative - incentivising group efforts while encouraging individual achievements.

Of course, we rely on our clients to provide this information, so it’s important we encourage that feedback without being intrusive. We’ve achieved this by simplifying our CSAT system, allowing customers to award ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ or ‘Average’ scores instantly. If they want to make their voices heard, we also give them the chance to provide more elaborate feedback; whether they want to praise their service desk engineer or make a complaint about the service they’ve received, anybody in the Mirus office can see the feedback the moment it’s sent our way.

Because our clients are allocated their own service desks for queries, they tend to become familiar, if not friendly, with our support engineers. That’s why we use Crewhu, an employee recognition software which lets our clients reward their allocated Mirus engineers for exceptional service.

Our Crewhu system allows managers, clients and employees to award ‘points’ to team members, which can be exchanged for rewards such as gift vouchers. This system hasn’t just motivated employees to deliver outstanding service; it’s encourHow and why we measure customer satisfaction Mirus IT 3aged our clients to engage with our service desk engineers and provide honest feedback, all within a quick and simple grading system.

The system has proven incredibly effective, and is as fast as it is efficient. We can react to service failings within the space of a day, providing swift response in the instance that something goes wrong. Our staff are recognised for their hard work, incentivising exceptional customer service and strengthening our relationship with customers. The office has up-to-the-minute tracking of their performance, making it easy to identify performance inhibitors.

And it’s all worked out a treat; last month alone (December 2019), we achieved 99.6% of our service level agreements, while our average customer satisfaction score for 2019 exceeds the industry standard of 95% - coming in at a fantastic 98.59%.

Not only this, but by the end of 2019, we’d almost doubled the number of customer surveys we’d received in 2017. Even more encouraging is that the ratio of ‘Good’ to ‘Bad’ ratings swung wildly in favour of the former; a sign, perhaps, that this method is helping us seriously improve our service offerings.


Read some of our Customer feedback here.

Of course, there’s plenty of other ways to measure your customer satisfaction, and depending on your industry, you might discover a whole new way of transforming your customer journey.

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