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Could You Unify Your Company Tech With Just a Single Provider?

If 2020 and Covid19 has taught us anything, it’s that the modern business needs expansive, simplified technical solutions to adapt to the unexpected.

But with such a broad selection of technologies to maintain, can a single point of contact be trusted to managed them all?

Struggling to find a Managed Service Provider or not sure what to ask of your new potential partner? The links in the article below are designed to help you through the process – everything from planning to paperwork.

Having the best technical solutions isn’t about adopting the newest hardware; rather, it’s about combining your every technology into a single, succinct solution. Everything from your print to your telephony, your data recovery to your software packages, are all just components of a larger, more tactical setup.

With the introduction of cloud technology and devices designed for broader compatibility, it’s easier than ever to see the benefits of a unified company infrastructure. Yet it isn’t quite so easy to build that perfect solution, not least one that suits your strategy, software and budget.

Sourcing your comms, security, software and print can be time-consuming, not least when you need them all to work harmoniously. That’s why, for your every technical need, it might be time to cut back your expenditure to a single service provider.

While the typical UK business relies on at least one Managed Service to keep their operations smooth, the sheer breadth of options an MSP can provide could consolidate all of yours into one.

As the past few months have demonstrated, businesses need proactive technical solutions that can adapt without disrupting your processes. If your technology is conflicting, or is managed by separate vendors, there could already be complications in a time-sensitive situation. You’ll also need to liaise with multiple providers to keep everything running in tandem.


With a single provider however, your every technical need is resolved with just one point of contact. More importantly, if you experience drastic company changes or anticipate a major shift in strategy, you can have everything in your setup working compatibly by the people who understand it best.

With your tech consolidated, so too are your monthly costs, with only one recurring payment covering your every technological need. While this not only simplifies your monthly budget, it also allows you too better control costs when negotiating a solution with your provider.

We’re yet to cover one of the most common concerns - control.

With everything in the hands of an external vendor, you don’t want control of your company to feel compromised. An experienced MSP knows this, and their technical solutions are designed for both themselves and your service admins. Business owners maintain full administrative control over their hardware fleet and its users - safe in the knowledge that technical support still exists when needed.

Your MSP is more than just a technical provider; it provides ongoing service, supports your current strategy and ensures that any future technical requirements can be responded to quickly – without disrupting your processes.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s the value of having all three.

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