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Transform and Protect Your Charity with Technology

Transform and Protect Your Charity with Managed Services

Charity, as they say, begins at home. So for any non-profit organisation, it makes sense to have that home as powerful and proficient as possible.

Now more than ever, it’s time for the charity sector to kick-start a much-needed digital transformation.

In Skills Platform’s recent Charity Digital Skills Report, members of the charity sector expressed a certain appetite for transformative digital Transform and Protect Your Charity with Managed Services Mirus IT strategies; and while demand is growing, the uptake appears to be slowing down. More than half of all surveyed charities admitted to having no digital strategy, while 22% are yet to complete their digital transformation.

It’s not too hard to understand why, however. The charity sector has faced off against some difficulties in recent years; not only from ‘competing’ charities, but from stricter regulation, tightened budgets and cuts to traditional funding resources. For many smaller charities, that major technical overhaul sounds like an expensive proposition.

Transform and Protect Your Charity with Managed Services Mirus IT Yet a technical transformation is far more considered than investing in multiple technologies; if anything, enterprises waste thousai'm tnds every year on superfluous technology. While we won’t explore your every technological option here – our eBook does a much better job – it’s worth looking into a Managed Service solution, and how this can make your digital transformation more manageable.

A Managed Service provides an expansive, proportionate solution to your charity’s strategy, providing ongoing technical support to keep your systems running efficiently. Because your provider bases their solutions around your long-term goals, their tech supports your processes and – importantly - your budget.


Most importantly, Managed Services are flexible. Like you, a Managed Service provider foresees your company growth, and is dedicated to helping you achieve it. So as your charity grows and your technology needs to expand, you’re not beholden to any current infrastructure. On your request, your provider can elaborate on your existing setup, providing your next best technical solution. Supporting your technology every working day means they’ve a thorough understanding of your systems – so they’ll likely know exactly Transform and Protect Your Charity with Managed Services Mirus IT where your next investment is taking you.

Whether it’s money, time or resources that are stifling the sector’s transformation, a managed service could be an excellent way to recoup all three. Without having to keep a close eye on your every technical solution, you’ll have more bandwidth for your company’s broader strategy. If you’re in the middle of talking to prospective providers, talk to them about your budget; they’ll not only devise a solution around your specifications, but could even find ways to lower your monthly expenditures using your existing setup.  


When it comes to the new wave of charity tech, there’s still plenty of challenges to overcome, and the journey may be more akin to a marathon than a race. Yet with the support of a Managed Service Provider, the way is paved with strategy and support – not a stream of hefty investments.


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