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11 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

As organisations large and small find themselves trying to keep up with the pace of rapidly evolving technologies, the need for IT support is greater than ever. While some businesses by nature require their own in-house department of IT professionals, many are looking to outsourcing IT support services as a preferable option. Here’s why.

1. It’s cost effective

When executed well, outsourcing IT support can have a significant impact on a company’s revenue and deliver significant savings. This is largely due to lower operational and labour costs.

2. It frees up internal resources

Whoever you choose to outsource to will have their own arsenal of resources necessary for the job. This means that internal resources can be put to better use, rather than trying to solve problems haphazardly.

3. You can focus on running your business

Knowing that you have a team of IT professionals on hand to deal with all things IT-related means you can relieve yourself and your employees of the burden and focus your attentions on the core functions of the business.

4. You don’t have to recruit technical staff

The recruitment process is never easy, especially if you find yourself in need of someone who possesses knowledge and skills in an area alien to yourself. Outsourcing IT support eradicates the need for hiring IT experts altogether.

5. Keep your business safe

Cyber security is a hot topic and poses many challenges for businesses wanting to keep their networks safe. Outsourced IT support can offer effective security solutions as well as helping to monitor systems and networks for potential threats.

6. Increased productivity

The more optimised your IT systems and components are, the better your business will run and the more productive your employees will be.

7. 24-hour assistance

Unlike people, technology rarely rests. For this reason, the majority of IT support companies offer round-the-clock assistance in case of emergency. Be it a 24-hour helpline or even a callout service – the help is there when you need it.

8. Bring your company up-to-speed

Outsourcing IT support enables you to utilise the latest technology without any fuss. The technicians will have access to everything required to install and integrate new products into your existing structure, allowing you to move with the times.

9. Prevention and cure

With limited time, knowledge and resources, it is easy to restrict your IT strategy to a ‘break/fix’ scenario. Outsourced IT support can provide consistent and effective monitoring of your systems so as to prevent any issues that may arise, as well as being able to fix them as quickly as possible.

10. Give your in-house expertise an extra hand

It may be that you already have an IT professional working in-house. However, they will likely appreciate the added support of an outsourced team that can take on bigger challenges, or provide backup when needed.

11. Access to additional services and solutions

IT is a vast market with many different branches that you may be unaware of. Outsourcing your IT support gives you access to a team of qualified professionals who can advise on various services and solutions beyond the most obvious ones.

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