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Safer Internet Day 2020

Top Tips for Safer Internet Day 2020

The 11th February sees the return of the Safer Internet Centre’s ‘Safer Internet Day’, an initiative encouraging youngsters to practice safer internet use and protect them from cyberbullying, social media abuse and threats to their security.


As proponents of this increasingly important initiative, we at Mirus have put together a few tips to keep yourself and your business safe from the most common of online threats.

Keep Your Teams Trained

One of UK business’s most overlooked threats. A business is only as safe as its people, and even if your personal IT security is perfect, it means little to the overall safety of your business if your teams’ aren’t. Regular training for phishing awareness, password security and data protection will significantly improve your business’s security.

Know What To Look For

Sometimes, the simplest attempts at breaching businesses are the most effective; which is why spam websites and emails remain in circulation years after they were first attempted. Yet familiarising yourself with the warning signs of any unexpected emails, questionable websites and dodgy downloads is easier than you think. One of our most popular blogs explores these tell-tale signs in greater detail – give it a read here.

Work On Your Password

Even now, ‘password’, ‘abc123’ and ‘QWERTY’ remain some of the most commonly guessed passwords; which means somebody, somewhere is still using these frankly embarrassing attempts at security. Use phrases only you would know, use numbers and icons as often as you can, and make sure your password makes sense to you, and only you.

Safer Internet Day 2020 TO USE

Do More Than Just Password Protect

No password is perfect; and even when it is, there’s no guarantee that it can’t later be compromised by brute force hacks or data leaks. If anything’s worth protecting with a password, it’s worth protecting with added Two-Factor Authentication. Whether it’s via an authenticator app or even fingerprint recognition, 2FA ensures that whenever your details are accessed, it’s only ever you who’s accessing them.

Update Your Devices

Sure, there’s few things more mind-numbing than watching that progress bar struggle its way towards 100%, but it’s a necessary evil. Software updates contain the latest defences against exploits and vulnerabilities, sometimes even enacting protective measures against the latest malware threats. Where the option exists, it’s shrewd to set your software updates to download automatically – or to have a Managed Service Provider take care of the update so it works unanimously across the rest of your IT setup.

Apply for Cyber Essentials

For that extra peace of mind, consider applying for a Cyber Essentials certification if you don’t already have one. With this, both you and your customers are assured that your cyber security solutions meets government-approved standards. In 2020, the system is set to be significantly streamlined, so if you’re yet to apply for accreditation, this year should make it easier than ever.

These are just some of the simpler techniques for keeping your tech protected; there’s plenty more in-depth advice in our eBooks and other downloads; we’ve compiled every one released in 2019 into one handy blog, right here.


Looking to Apply for Your Cyber Essentials Certification?

As an IASME-approved certification body, Mirus can help get your business set for cyber security success.

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