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Top Tips for Joining the MTeam

Alongside important documents and a fresh new set of stationary, there’s one thing most new recruits take with them to a new job – nerves. 

Here at Mirus, we want to make sure that our new starters are as welcome and relaxed as possible. So for any budding new members of the MTeam, this is for you - some Top Tips for when you first start at Mirus:

Don’t be nervous.

Our MTeam strive in being kind, respectful and friendly – it’s a huge part of our company culture, so you’ll never be left unsure or uneasy.

Get to know your team

They won’t bite! Being in one big office means that everyone, no matter their department, gets a chance to speak to one another. It also creates a culture where anyone, whatever they need, can speak to the person who can help them most.

Ask questions

Because knowledge is power! We’re all about self-improvement, and sharing information is all part of improving our services and expanding your knowledge. If you have any questions, ask away – and if you want to learn more, we encourage and promote training within all departments.


It’s hard to believe, but everyone was just as nervous as you when they first walked into the office. Observe the people around you, see how settled and social they are, and realise how soon you will be too!

Have fun.

We want our employees to enjoy their work, and there’s plenty of opportunities to mingle with colleagues. Between such events as Mirusfest, our regular charity fundraisers, and the monthly ‘Friday Feed’ we’ve a break room full of activities - including pool, darts, games consoles and table football. So take the time to have fun with your colleagues.


Becoming a part of the #MTeam isn’t as hard as it may initially seem – and we want you to settle in just as soon as you do. If you want to work for a friendly, forward-thinking and collaborative IT company, check out what opportunities we have on offer over on our careers page.

You never know - you could be our next new starter. We’ll be ready to welcome you to the MTeam when you join!

You never know - you could be our next new starter.

We’ll be ready to welcome you to the MTeam when you join!

Ronni Murray - Digital Marketing Apprentice - Mirus IT

IT Roles with the MTeam

We're invested in our people, and we provide career progressions. We're an Award-Winning Managed Service Provider and are always looking for excellent candidates to join the MTeam.



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