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Top Office 365 Time Saving Tips - Webinar

When's the last time you received training on your office applications?

50% of the attendees on our recent Office 365 webinar, confirmed they had never received training!

As we all know, Office 365 is a big change from previous versions, and for employees to understand and know all the ways improved productivity and effective working can be achieved with no formal training, is ineffective!


Microsoft Office 365

O365 has many time saving, productivity increasing and mind boggling apps, understanding how they can improve role and task based productivity for your teams is imperative. 
At Mirus, we're always working towards ensuring our clients achieve better productivity and efficiency, with this in mind, we're pleased to bring you the second in our series of Top Time Saving Tips webinars from Our Top Trainer Iain. 
It seems that Office 365 is a hot topic for businesses as we had 77 registrants for our webinar, and 50 live attendees.

During the Webinar Iain looked at:

· The right tools for the job
· Sharing
· Shortcuts
· Mobility
· Development

He then introduced us to the key O365 applications:

· Planner
· Teams
· Forms
· Sharepoint
· PowerBi
· OneNote

Registrants questionnaire requirements:

In the run up to the webinar, Iain emailed and asked the registrants to provide some answers to key questions to ensure we were providing the information our audience would find most useful.

Questions?The first question was "How do you share documents?"

The options we explored were:
· Will email out and collate feedback
· Share via O365, Save in a folder and invite parties to update
· Print out a hard copy and ask other parties to return with feedback.
· Other
The top two sharing solutions chosen by registrants were 'email a copy' and 'share via Office 365'.

Issues with these various options to share documents included the amount of time it would take the creator to collate feedback and amendments, from each solution, plus version control would prove to be hard as amendments are made.

Sharing documents via Office 365 is the most time effective and secure option. In just one click, a document can be shared. To prove this, Iain created a new Word document, shared it with two colleagues and we watched live, as the document was amended and changed by the two colleagues in real time.
Sharing on OneDrive is easy due to being a Cloud based system, and the time saving shortcuts are incredibly useful. With the benefits of real-time collaboration, and cloud hosting of files.

Iain closed the webinar with these development tips:

Ensure you / your staff receive development opportunities and time to train.
· Increase efficiency and productivity and internal innovation
· Drive engagement and better usage of software
Identify and empower your technology champions.
· Keeps your business in the loop (helping align technologies and internal processes)
· Helps you make better and smarter decisions
· Increase local support and education

Office 365 is constantly developing and evolving, which means you and your staff should be as well.   

· Look to run monthly or quarterly refreshers on the apps they utilise
· Encourage knowledge sharing across your business 
· Keep up to date with new features and programmes as they're announced or released

After the webinar we sent out the webinar recording and additional materials to all registrants, even if they didn't make it onto the live event. We also included the recording of the webinar and were delighted to receive some great feedback:

"I didn't get to join it live but reviewed it afterwards and found it very useful and the supporting documents were perfect for sharing with others in the office. I think we sometimes forget people only know what they know and you don't know what you don't know. 
Companies def need to spend more time investing in MS office training so that staff can work more efficiently. The amount of times I've have seen people manually searching a list when something as simple as a lookup would do the trick is painful. 
Unfortunately not many IT companies or IT staff ever want to seem to get involved with the software side. I personally want to go and get myself trained up on some of the newer apps MS has to offer, particularly MS flow as can see that has the potential to create some amazing efficiencies within businesses. 
 Thank you for arranging the session."
 Kind regards Zara


"Thought it well presented and useful, even for someone with 25 years of using MS Office."

Watch the entire webinar, including the Q&A's by completing the form below:


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