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Top 3 Cyber Security Tips for Business

Top 3 Cyber Security Tips for Business

Every business is at continuous threat from a cyber-attack, as business owners, we simply can’t afford to ignore the risks posed by cyber criminals.


We thought we'd bring you the Top Three Best Practices for your Cyber Protection.

Patch Your Systems

Most exploits and malware attacks target known vulnerabilities for which patches have already been developed. Ensure your operating system, applications, and any network hardware are current with the latest patches and updates and rest easier knowing you’ve ‘Battened Down the Hatches’.


Update Anti-Malware

Ensure your anti-virus or anti-malware security software is up to date with the most current signatures. Attackers do come equipped with hard to detect forms of Malware (where they utilise behavioural analysis) for their attacks and zero-day exploits. But many will still attempt a breach by using viruses, Trojans, and bots that your anti malware software should be able to detect and block.


Train your Human Firewall

The weakest line of defence is your employees, your users.

41% of people globally cannot properly identify a phishing email, over 30% of people will open one, and 12% will click a link. Train your users so they’re aware of the increased risk, and to ensure they're fully equipped to know what to look for in a phishing email. In their lunch, your users could be making poor security decisions when purchasing gifts, holidays or essential items, especially at key seasons within the year such as Christmas, January Sales and summer holiday season.


It only takes a second to open your business up to a breach, ensure you’ve taken steps to reduce your risks, and address your most vulnerable entrances.


Interested in improving your Cyber Security?

Why not undertake the Government Scheme Cyber Essentials? You'll receive certification to confirm that you've taken the essential steps to secure your business, clients and suppliers.

If you're not sure what you need to do to be Cyber Secure, feel free to enquire about our FREE IT Security Assessment, where we provide a comprehensive report detailing the security of your systems and business.

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