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Time Saving Microsoft Word Top Tips - Video

Are you time-poor? Do you find that sometimes, the simplest tasks take longer than you'd like?  Would you like to be more effective and better understand some of the most useful Office 365 shortcuts and tips?

We're bringing you a series of Time-Saving Tips for Microsoft Office 365 applications and here's our Top Four Tips for Microsoft Word!

Microsoft Word is more than just a word processor - offering a wealth of features, styles and customisation options to bring your documents to life. Yet with all these features, functions and facilities, it can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed.

That’s why our Office guru Iain Kendrick presents this Microsoft Word Top Time-Saving Tips video. Here, Iain walks you through some of Microsoft Word’s most useful functions, all in the time it takes for a quick coffee break.

This video covers:

Mastering style use in your Word Documents – applying fonts, colours, and formatting to text quickly and easily. Clearing Formatting. Ensuring your documents are reformatted easily and quickly.


The Quick Access Toolbar.
Save time by personalising your toolbar with the features you use most.

Paragraph Marks.
Ensure your document is easy to read, looking at structure and layout.

Page Breaks.
Make larger documents quick and easy to navigate.

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