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The Wolf at your door, may already be inside!

Printers. Your often overlooked Attack Vectors. Christian Slater Explains....

Today we hear about hacking almost every day, whether it’s your Auntie Sue who had her Facebook page hacked, or a large multinational organisation who has had hundreds, and thousands of user payment details stolen. It appears that no one is safe! With millions of pounds being spent each year to protect network borders, IT Departments are no longer just enablers of business activities, they have become the barrier keeping the wolves at bay.

In 2017 Hewlett Packard released a series of videos, with ‘Mr Robot’ himself, Christian Slater, where they demonstrate just how easy it can be for an individual to gain access to your data through an often over-looked attack vector: Printers.

In the video we see how quickly and easily a cyber defence can be breached with just a small amount of clever social engineering and a window of opportunity. From here The Wolf (Christian Slater) takes you on a journey from the shop floor all the way to the boardrooms, wreaking havoc and stealing confidential information all whilst no one knows that The Wolf is in the building.

With 70% of attacks on networks targeting connected end-point devices from security cameras to printers, now is the time to take action to prevent The Wolf from running amok in your business.  Speak with Mirus experts by calling 01908257350 now, and  discover how we can help you secure your end point devices, printers, cloud solutions and your network.

Why not watch the excellent services of The Wolf videos here.

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