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Onedrive Top 4 Tips QuickVideo from Mirus IT

The Power of OneDrive Top Tips Video: Efficiency and Productivity

We're all about improving productivity and driving efficiency, and with us all working in the cloud and the incredible benefits it can bring to your business, we need to be as effective and efficient as we can.


With this in mind, here's a video from our Super Trainer Iain with the Top Four Tips for being effective with OneDrive.

The power of OneDrive ensures that team collaboration has never been easier, have you harnessed it?


If you'd like more tips like this, give us a shout. We provide coaching on Office products including top tips and in depth 121 or group training to suit your needs. Train your teams to be proficient and improve your effectiveness.  More videos and tips will be coming shortly!


In this 15 minute video Iain covers the following topics:


Tip 1 Start using OneDrive by learning how to Save to OneDrive

a: Saving to OneDrive

b: Autosave

c: Share OneDrive files

d: Saving to the OneDrive internet portal

e: Uploading to the OneDrive internet portal

f: Drag and dropping to OneDrive internet portal


Tip 2 Search in OneDrive

a: Using the OneDrive search bar

b: Optical search for images


Tip 3 Sharing from OneDrive

a: Sharing a link from OneDrive

b: Accessing a shared link from OneDrive

c: Collaboration within OneDrive

d: Sharing a folder within OneDrive


Tip 4 Installation and use of OneDrive desktop app

a: Using internet explorer to view the OneDrive content

b: Accessing OneDrive folders offline

c: Adding content to the OneDrive app

d: Creating new folders on the OneDrive desktop app


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