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The New Develop Ineo+ Multifunction Printers have Arrived

Following on from last month’s arrival of the new Epson Workforce printers and Papercut 19.0, yet more printing solutions have joined the Mirus Managed Print portfolio.

Introducing the new Develop Ineo+ 250i, 300i and 360i Multifunction printers. These Managed Print devices are the replacement models for the Develop Ineo+ 258, 308 and 368, providing superior print speed, energy efficiency and anti-virus scanning.

Develop Ineo PrinterSporting a new user interface and colour touch display, this new MFP range is easier to use, while the ability to connect to cloud services and mobile devices means there’s plenty of options to compliment the improved accessibility. Meanwhile, device security is supported with hard disk mirroring, user authentication and biometric authentication via Android mobile devices or Apple Bluetooth.

Under the ‘hood’ there’s a wealth of improvements to performance and efficiency. In standby mode, there’s up to 10 watts of lowDevelop Ineo 1er energy use than previous models, while warm-up, scanning and printing times have all seen a speed increase. Removable front trays make it easier than ever to resolve paper jams, while fewer moving parts mean maintenance costs are kept manageable.

Develop Ineo 2For the office looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality print solution, the latest Develop Ineo+ multifunctional printers provide both with solutions that make day-to-day print more economical and ecological.

If you’d like to know more about these new machines, feel free to get in touch.

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